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Разработка дизайна упаковки

The major challenge the producers of beverage alcohol face is its design that has to stand out the product from the competitors. It’s definitely problematic for a particular manufacturer to draw attention to their product since the store shelves are full of such similar products. That is why the design of unique packaging for wine products is especially relevant for the manufacturers of the alcohol spirits.

The main trends in alcohol packaging design are the creation of creative shapes of bottles. Such packaging attracts a potential consumer’s attention as well as informs him about an offered spirit drink and the company’s concept as a whole.

Alcohol packaging design is a matter not of the mere shape of the bottle but also the color palette. Each color as it is known is not accidental. It always evokes certain associations of a person. For example, the vodka bottle is usually designed in transparent or semi-transparent tones highlighting the purity of the product while the youth cocktail bottle is always designed in bright and colorful tones.

The packaging of alcoholic beverages is always created in more minimalist design since its purpose is to focus on the product itself. The inscriptions on wine labels are rather laconic and informative, not saturated with details.

No secret, the manufacturers indulge in certain tricks to draw the buyers’ attention. For example, a bottle of expensive wine can be creatively wrapped in fur, denim, or wood packaging while a bottle of gift wine can be made of ceramic.

The recent trend of the alcohol market is the alcoholic beverages in interactive packages which literally interact with customers. Download a special application, scan a bottle on your iPhone or Android phone, and find lots of additional information about the history of the product, the company, and other interesting facts.

The packaging design of alcoholic beverages is dynamic, and we’re always up-to-date on the design issue. The TCD Design Studio experts design a creative label and packaging for your products that can draw new customers’ attention. Come and order!