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Разработка дизайна этикетки

Many companies have made their fortune through advertising. For example, a high-quality advertising campaign helped TM Morshinska to earn 738 million hryvnias in 2016. And it is with the help of well-constructed advertising that this brand was able to bypass its rather serious competitors “Truskavets” and “Transparent”.

Successful advertising programs are implemented by the well-known company “Roshen”. And the point here is not only that it is connected with the President of Ukraine, but also with the serious work of marketers to promote this brand. Attention to detail, creating a fabulous atmosphere in stores and well-thought-out design – this is the basis of the company’s success. In keeping with marketing is a quality that is carefully controlled and developed.

Another miracle of domestic advertising promotion can be considered the brand “Nasha Ryaba”. Here, success began with naming – the home name was very close to the consumer. In addition, the company pays a lot of attention to chickens and hens – poultry farms create more than comfortable conditions for them. In any case, so say the company’s representatives and billboards. Moreover – the site has detailed information about what the bird is fed, so those who prefer a healthy diet, nothing to worry about.

Whether this is an element of style is unknown, but it is worth noting that the creators of the site did a good job. The information is available and interesting. It is not clear why it is the average buyer, but retailers may be interested.

As for lovers of healthy eating – they can be calm. The site provides information on the composition of feed for broilers and meat quality control system. So lovers of healthy eating have nothing to worry about.

An interesting approach to advertising the famous company “Kyivstar”, because 26 million subscribers had to not only attract but also retain.

, A good advertising campaign is the key to success

Today there are more than 26 million mobile subscribers in Kyivstar. However, there was a misunderstanding with the new logo in the company – it is very similar to the logo of the American company “Walmart”. But this did not violate Kyivstar’s plans to conquer the mobile market, and today the company is still a leader in this segment.

Globino is not only sausage, but also cheese, sour cream and many other products. By the way, in 2015 the company received the honorary status of “Best Enterprise of the country”, and this already means something.

The company’s marketing is at a very high level. Take, for example, the slogan for cheese from “Globino” – “Milk more than milk.” It is based on the fact that for 1 kilogram of cheese the company uses about ten and a half liters of milk. In accordance with this concept, the development and design of packaging was carried out.

Nemiroff is today a huge company that includes more than 40 products of various kinds and has won more than 60 awards in international categories in the last ten years alone. Interestingly, the name of the Ukrainian brand is very in tune with one of the best-selling vodka brands in Russia “Smirnoff”. Is it a coincidence or a well-thought-out marketing step?

An interesting story with the company logo. As many readers of our design blog remember, the logo included an image of hot red pepper. However, then Nemiroff abandoned this illustration, and it turned out to be very appropriate. After all, the company’s product line has a lot of flavors that are not even close to spicy. For example, honey, strawberry vodka and others. Agree that on these flavors the picture with hot pepper would be inappropriate.

Speaking of successful Ukrainian brands, we must mention Obolon. During its history, Obolon has created more than ten new promising brands, which are now exported to 40 countries. The Obolon logo is made in a heraldic style, as the recipes for good beer are passed down from generation to generation, and are associated with a long history.

In addition to excellent advertising campaigns, Obolon regularly participates in supporting the publishing business, develops artificial intelligence projects, organizes competitions and other events.

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