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Identity, label, packaging development


Branded characters increase brand awareness, so do not ignore their use ignored.
In fact, the characters will become an integral part of the history of your brand, its decoration and direct participants. Remember the Uncle Ben’s, grandfather on the label of the world-famous ketchup, with which very soon began to associate with the whole brand. Or a cheerful rabbit from Nesquik, as well as an inseparable couple of M&Ms.

When choosing a character, it is important to be guided by the target audience of your product. It is also good if the character has individual qualities, for example, appeals to the audience with calls to action or shares interesting life stories.

For example, polar bears from Coca Cola are also very recognizable. They are used not only on labels but also in advertising. With the help of a cute famous character you can convey a potential customer the necessary “message” very quickly and in the most concise form.

And help in creating a character for the product will provide you with specialists from the studio “TSD”.