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тренды дизайна логотипов

A logo is a brand name that is associated with a brand. Therefore, creating a logo design is quite an important and responsible business.

The logo is designed to demonstrate the strength of the company, to show that the business is developing steadily. So, the logo should be high-quality and modern.

Many companies make a mistake by not paying due attention to corporate identity improvement. But what was an excellent solution at the stage of the formation of the company, now may not work as efficiently. Tastes change, new technologies appear, other needs arise. Therefore, to always be among the best, you should keep up to date.

 logo design

How should logo look in 2019? 

The main trend of modern logo design is the desire for conciseness. All unnecessary elements are removed, the essence remains. Design becomes simpler and more expressive. At the same time, the image of the logo should be equally clearly visible on any medium, whether it is a billboard, business card or smartphone screen.

Emphasis is placed on the new fonts and text formatting options. For example, removing fragments of a text image of a logo. It looks quite extraordinary, the main thing is not to overdo it and maintain the readability of the text.

Another trick is the emphasis on parts of the inscription by disproportionately increasing or decreasing the size of letters in words. Such asymmetry is immediately evident and makes the logo memorable.


 logo design

Logo Design: Current Trends 

This year’s logo design trends also include:

Vertically placed labels, complemented by icons and graphic elements.

  • The geometric style of the characters is emphasized, with sharply pronounced angles and folds. Or vice versa – rounding and smoothing.
  • Segmented letters.
  • Through stripes.
  • Non-solid, hand-drawn, images and texts.
  • Thin lines graphics
  • Gradients are actively used. Applying the gradient within the usual corporate colors, you can give the logo volume and depth.

Modern logo design trends are not only experiments and innovations. This is a mandatory respect for the foundations, an understanding of the importance of maintaining corporate traditions. Therefore, the image of emblems, seals and similar symbols in logos has not lost its relevance. Of course, if desired, they can be improved by applying new design techniques.


The arsenal of design solutions used today to create logos is quite large. The main thing is that the logo remains clear and aesthetic.

How to create a good logo? 

And now, knowing everything about design trends, take a fresh look at your logo. Perhaps it needs to be updated, made more modern or expressive looking?

Contact the TSD branding agency. We will help you create a logo or redesign it, make adjustments to your existing identity, develop a corporate identity or rebrand.