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Graphic design is very responsive to market needs. Its use provides the most effective means to promote brands, advertising goods and services. One of the modern trends in graphic and web-design has been the use of gradients. Properly used gradient allows you to place a strong emphasis on branding.

Graphic design and gradient

The fashion for certain expressive means in graphic design is cyclical. Volumetric objects are replaced by flat shapes, equal colors are again replaced by gradations of tones. Experience shows that such processes are repeated many times and the development of technology invariably brings all this to a new level.

Until recently, the design was dominated by flat style. It attracted with its conciseness, but after a while it seemed too simple. The designers turned to the gradient again, significantly refreshing and improving it. Gradient has become a popular trend in many areas of graphic design. He has steadily maintained his position in recent years.

Gradient transitions in the design of packaging and labels allow you to make them bright and memorable, emphasize uniqueness. This tool is especially actively used by large companies that seek to stand out from the competition.


Gradient as a fresh trend: types and features

Color gradation can be done with various parameters, such as orientation, radius, color flash or transparency. Previously, it was mostly a linear and radial gradient, in which two or three colors must be present. Now we can talk about the appearance of such effects as:

  • creation of one-color and multicolor gradients;
  • uneven color mixing;
  • distortion of the plane;
  • three-dimensional gradients.

Modern trends in gradient design include bright colors, irregular shapes and new types of gradients. They have emerged thanks to a wide range of construction tools.

Another trend is to use a gradient in additional design elements, in headings or small details of the image. In web design, this technique can be used in links or icons. The search for extraordinary solutions continues. For example, the brand name may be the presence of a gradient in the photos.

градиент, Color gradient – a tool for implementing design ideas

Gradient in packaging and label design

The use of a gradient in the design of a package or label carries both a visual and a semantic load. A great example are self-adhesive labels for wine, the design of which is based on the gradient of shades of wine products.

The gradient can be present in inscriptions, background, in images. Properly selected range and type of gradient can further affect the buyer of the product. Gradient is able to refresh the design, make it more fashionable. This can be a great option for rebranding.

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