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Identity, label, packaging development

We face modern graphic design within our casual life lots of times either it brochures in mailboxes, posters on billboards, or finally packaging for butter and pasta. Eventually, some visual representations are in favor of people, others are laughed off or ridiculed by someone in social networks.  So, what does a good design differ from the bad one?

Four ideas to make the graphic design great

Bad graphic design can be epic fails. Sometimes a look is enough we know the website design or logo creation has failed. How can we understand that this studio design will be a great option for us? Well, we can handle this. So, here are the main aspects of good design:

Idea = efficiency

Every item, whether it’s oatmeal packaging or the logo of a world-famous company, entails an idea and is beneficial to something. It is not enough to adhere to the basic values of graphic design and use the perfect color scheme, for example, to get a score, 100 out of 100. That’s good thinking to start building a strategy and to grasp the real purpose of the design, and then to realize the project. No efficiency is expected if you figure out the root causes of what the subject is for, or studying the customer’s brand book, for example. The design deprived a concept and a goal is rather meant art for art’s sake.

Hitting the target = target audience

The second issue under consideration of the design creation relates to who is the design creating for. The target audience sees what it needs but not what the designer has seen in his genius dream. The designer is able to create the so-called ‘great graphic design’ by using the target audience’s opinion and sorting out the details of the branding.

Visual appeal

There are some basic principles and rules that improve a design aesthetic appeal:

  • Harmony and balance. The style is maintained if the title is proportionally large, there is a photo, not clamped by the advertising slogan, all objects are aligned, and the necessary indentations are observed.
  • Proportions and ratios are especially important when we use the asymmetrical balance. When matching the size and the colors of objects, everything must be in a balance, so as to avoid causing discomfort in the consumer. Proportion allows you to build a certain hierarchical structure bringing to the fore things of priority importance. A person should understand what the poster/brochure/advertising/packaging is referred to at a glance, and only then learn the names of sponsors, phone numbers, etc. Only such a product is able to get the customer’s interest immediately. Otherwise, the target audience will lose the desire for such an adventure game as well as to find out the most profound idea of ​​a genius creator. In other words, good graphic design provides the most important information on a silver platter without secret signs and ciphers. Simply saying, bad web design means chaos in the customer’s eyes when he visits a website and can’t find here major information but only the phone numbers of the company, its logo, or the smile of the CEO at the same time..
  • Typography and readability. Use properly selected fonts including their size, color schemes, the background which does not merge into the letters. The customer should get a readable text. The sign of poor graphic design is the effects that distract from the main message of advertising.
  • Color combination. Each color gives a certain emotional mood to a person, and an educated designer must be an expert in this matter, so as not to use cheerful yellow or life-affirming green design to the website of the funeral parlor, for example.

Integrity = Ergonomics

A good graphic design can achieve a specific goal by using a sequence of individual repeating elements, textures, fonts, and colors. All these elements should match each other like puzzles creating a sense of integrity. Otherwise, a random choice of elements will look like a stupid effort to create a great product. As for integrity, the consumer intuitively feels for a lack of it.

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