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Today, it is difficult to imagine a company without a logo, trademark, trademark, and similar attributes.

Individual corporate identity design helps to create visual and semantic images of the company, including elements made in one design.

The main elements of corporate identity:

  • trademark;
  • logo and slogan;
  • branded range of colors;
  • corporate font;
  • business card;
  • letterhead;
  • souvenir products.

Corporate identity in the modern world is a hallmark of the company and an effective marketing tool.

Corporate identity features:

  • increases the visibility of the company;
  • strengthens the trust of partners and consumers in the brand;
  • enhances the company’s image;
  • distinguishes the company from competitors;
  • enhances the effect of advertising;
  • simplifies the promotion of new products.

The corporate identity developed by our specialists is a modern, unique image of your company in terms of style and design