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At the stage of creating a brand, you should consider all factors that may affect its success. To do so, it is necessary to understand what the cost of creating a brand is based on and what functions incorporated into it.

We present to you seven factors influencing brand value:

1. Analytical research

The branding process cannot begin without these studies. At this stage, we make an analysis of the market niche and the target audience. Based on the data received, we create reports and build graphs. Such studies will show who your competitors are, what contributed to their ups and downs.

2. Brand positioning

You have spent a lot of time and effort on creating your product and are confident in its uniqueness and necessity, but how to show this to the buyer? This can only be done by understanding the true desires and needs of the consumer. To do this, we just need to integrate into the environment of your potential buyers, look at the world through their eyes, live their life, just then we can make a unique, sought-after product.

3. Development of a logo and corporate identity

A good logo will help to declare a product, attract new customers, increase the rating and trust in the brand. It works for you 24 hours a day. The logo is recognized as one of the main elements of the company’s personality.

Corporate identity opens up the general picture of the brand’s idea, identifies the product on the market and affects the attraction of regular customers.

4. Creating fonts

A unique font perfectly complements the corporate identity. The uniqueness here, it is not just to use Times New Roman, highlighted in bold and italics – it is something more, something that pays attention will stop the look.

5. Naming

The product name gives the buyer an understanding of the subject of the proposed purchase. The name of the product must be unique and remembered by a person.

6. Brand Legend

The product came up with a beautiful, good-sounding name, but any name implies a separate story. The story of the origin of an idea, the creation of a product, fictitious or real, it will sell herself at a certain stage.

7. Advertising

Advertising helps to declare your products or services, attract attention, convey to the consumer your uniqueness and advantages. A successful and effective advertising company attracts the target audience, and gains regular fans of your brand.

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