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Новая почта Айдентика

You can say a lot and for a long time about how to create a brand for the delivery service and how to position it, but often such considerations are not of practical value, because as practitioners say – you should not think, but act. And in this there is a huge share of rationality.

Therefore, in this article we will not think much, but focus on the key points without which the brand of delivery service will be ineffective.

The main thing to think about is the UTP or a unique trade offer. In her absence, everything else will not matter. The design for the delivery service will also be created according to a unique offer, and answer the question – why your product is better already presented on the market, why the customer should contact you and so on.

Here are some basic design components that will help your delivery service take a worthy position in the market.


The design will need to embody the idea of ​​the speed of your delivery. These can be elements with wings, arrows indicating the direction, wind, etc. The customer always wants the goods to be delivered as soon as possible.


When the goods are lost or damaged during delivery – it is always unpleasant. The main task, even in the image of the company to show that you can trust the cargo without fear. How exactly to show it in design is a matter of creativity.

And of course we do not forget about the quality of service.