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The trends in graphic and web design are constantly changing today. It inspires designers to search for new ideas and to track new trends. After all, design is a perpetually learning and improvement process. Let’s try to figure out the new web design trends for 2018.

Geometry in shapes
Geometric shapes became popular in 2016 and gained in its popularity throughout 2017. Designing a holistic appearance using mixing lines, patterns and shapes give excellent results.

Bright design
Contrasting, vibrant, and even flashy colors help make a difference. Color transitions and gradients draw attention to logos and elements that need to be focused.

Image content
Unique copyright images continue to displace similar images on websites. The determining factor for making a purchase for most consumers is the product images. A personal approach to the design of image content is of utmost importance. It is human nature to memorize interesting and unusual images, not seen before.

Using videos and GIFs is a very popular way to add dynamics to your pages. Animated icons, logos, and transitions between objects evoke the visual interest among users in the content of the website.


The images of the highest quality have replaced outdated JPG and PNG images. Today SVG defines the graphics of images. Its popularity is facilitated by easily scalable vector graphics without degrading the quality and quite an adequate file size.

Studying current web design trends, our team is engaged with a modern and sought-after design, implementing the most unusual and creative designer’s idea.

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