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Дизайн для людей или как сделать удобную упаковку

Often a designer is so passionate about his creative art that he forgets about the practical component of his creation. There is an opinion that it is very difficult for creative people to focus on real users, because artists live in their own world and have little or no sense of whether their product will be suitable for end-users. In this article, let’s take a look look at what can be done in this situation.

The more a designer knows about a product, the closer it is to the consumer

If you want a designer to make the most convenient project, try to give him as much information as possible about what the user needs. Simply put, ask him to look at the task with the eyes of the consumer. After that, you have to combine the result with the latest trends and voila – success is assured!

Design for people is created not only by the designer

An important rule, understanding which will help to avoid many problems – the designer will never create a design for people.

In order for the product to be in demand in your target audience, additional specialists, such as a marketer, analyst, and possibly a client manager, should be involved in the design development. More accurate portrait of the target audience will be provided by the auxiliary specialists, the more clearly it will be possible to formulate its needs, and therefore to create the most successful design product.

Often, focus groups are involved in the design concept creation process. However, a number of studies have recently emerged to support the subjective assessment of such interventions. However, marketing strategies that use focus groups are still very popular.

Simpler design is always better than complicated

The sophisticated, intricate design is appealing, but it is extremely inconvenient to use. That is why in recent years there has been a tendency to simplify everything that can be simplified.

However, it should not be forgotten that reducing the design part should not adversely affect the functionality of the product. It does not hurt to seek help from focus groups that will provide valuable feedback and help build a balanced design-ergonomics ratio.

A few words about feedback for the designe

The lack of feedback plays with the designer in an evil joke.

How does it usually happen in companies where designers are on the flow of different tasks? After completing one project, the designer immediately switches to another, and without knowing how his product will be implemented, as expressed by the focus group. This prevents professionals from growing professionally.

Therefore, in modern design agencies, including TCD, designers are involved in all marketing processes of product introduction. It is important for the designer to participate in focus group research and to have access to analytics that evaluate the benefits of the target audience. So it’s no wonder that with every new project we get even more experience and more successful projects.

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