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Why do I ever need USP?

Each branding agency will provide guidance on the issue of a unique selling proposition or USP. However, it doesn’t always produce a comprehensible answer.

Let’s take an example. You sell coffee. Coffee is loved by lots of people. But to determine what variety of coffee people prefer or a way of coffee treating is the prerogative of marketing research. For instance, diplomats usually get preference for Espresso or Americano. So, such a drink would be appropriate to offer in case you need to serve coffee for this target audience. But let’s back to the issue of creativity in brand promotion.

A response to the question “What is the first impression of your visual image?” is an essential part of good-sensed creativity. This is a very important component since you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s a fact that everyone knows. If you sell a popular product and can’t make it unique, consider the highlight in the package design or make it as convenient as possible to use. Your unique selling proposition consists of creating positive emotions for consumers from using your product, unlike your competitors who have not come up with anything better.

However, creativity must be within the appropriate framework. Many companies have got so geeked-out on making “crazy” content, having forgotten about what they actually promote on the market. Often, the product itself displaces creativity in advertising turning out to be in the shadow of the created bright advertising image. Thus, the customer seems to be understood what the company is trying to sell something to him. But he can’t realize whether to buy it or not or he needs anything in general.

Creative, designed on the basis of real properties and unique features of your product, will never be superfluous. TCD Design Studio experts will help you to develop a creative design as well as a unique selling proposition on favorable terms. Contact us by phone: +38 (044) 331-90-30.