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Разработка айдентики, этикетки, упаковки.

Healthy diet is becoming increasingly popular in our country, not only among the population of Western countries. This trend could not help but be reflected in the packaging of products.

Organic products in Ukraine are labeled “bio”, “nature”, “eco”, as well as “organic”. However, marking only is not enough – the product will be considered valid only if it has passed special certification.

This label allows Ukrainian manufacturers to export their goods to EU countries (usually the form of the label – a star in the shape of a leaf on a green background).

National marks differ from the main sign. For example, in Germany, the sign “BIO” is located inside the hexagon, in Italy – an indicator of the organicity of the product will be a green circle with a palm, and in France – a square with the abbreviation AB.

There are two other interesting symbols that help consumers understand the properties of the product – a sign with the inscription “DEMETER” (assigned by an organization that sets higher requirements for products – much higher than the standard EU certificate), and the sign “Fairtrade” – means that when creating this product did not use child labor or slave labor.

Interestingly, without a special certificate, manufacturers can no longer use the inscriptions “ECO” or “NATUR” on their packaging. However, in Ukraine this law is often violated.

Label design for organic products should focus on the target audience. In the price segment, such goods are above average. They are also usually residents of large cities over the age of 35. These are people who not only care about their health, but also the state of the planet, so the possibility of recycling the components of packaging is also important. The direction in the design of such types of packaging is called “eco-style design”.

What is important for this area?

1) The packaging should use natural materials such as kraft paper, cardboard, glass.
2) Packages made of biodegradable polymers are welcome.
3) The design is usually dominated by colors associated in the minds of consumers with the naturalness of the product (brown, white or green).
4) Illustrations in the style of watercolor drawing or sketches made in pencil, are best suited for the design of packaging of organic goods.

The packaging design of organic goods in Ukraine is only at the stage of its formation. First of all, this trend covers food products of the VIP segment. Therefore, the development of this field of design will be quite fast and high quality.

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