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Разработка айдентики, этикетки, упаковки.

Web design & development is so popular today that the competition in this area, to say the least, seems to be a fierce one. It does not obey the general laws of marketing and research since there is no express monopoly in this area.

Web design market today

Each expert team or any person can be realized as a web design studio. Further, a web studio will face a choice either to cooperate occasionally with small customers or to create web projects for prominent market players using creative technologies.

Leading studios create their own developments significantly speeding up the work in process.

Some teams are moving away from website development and start delving into the promotion of projects, creating a brand book, corporate identity, and logos in addition.

How do the web studios promote?

First of all, it is a so-called SEO promotion that provides up to 92% of the total traffic, a promo process that includes contextual advertising, banner exchange, and other information.

Placing a portfolio on Behance, a world’s largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work, or similar web portals are worked reasonably well.

Mailing lists and advertising on social networks attract about 5-10% of traffic.

A feature of contemporary web studios is their desire to be engaged in work in multiple markets at once, for example, not only in Ukraine but also within CIS countries.

Single page websites have become a fairly popular type of website design for web studios. About a quarter of the studios choose this type of posting information.

Recently, web studios are increasingly offering mobile application development services. This trend is predicted to continue in the future taking into account the growing popularity of mobile devices.


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