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Каким должен быть правильный дизайн этикетки?

Nowadays, with a wide variety of products on the market, it is necessary for brands and manufacturers of products to attract a buyer’s attention to their products and to establish initial contacts with them. That’s why the label design performs an important function in marketing. The main goals of the label lie in standing out a product in a competitive environment and motivating the buyer to make a purchase. It’s not easy to stand out among competitors but it is possible to do it using the right label design. The effective label serves as an important advertising medium that stimulates purchases in a tense competitive environment.

Wine label ASKANIA
All modern labels can be classified according to several main features:

– By the form of the labels. The labels of the ordinary form have a quite standard appearance which most closely matches the product packaging. It’s also used shrink sleeve labels to cover a cylindrical surface or spherical objects;

– By type of material. Depending on the type of material, labels are divided into paper (applied to foil, film) as well as self-adhesive labels;

– By the type of application. The images can be applied by thermal transfer or direct printing as well as volumetric or holographic images can be created;

– By the method of attaching to the surface. There are hang tags, self-adhesive labels, die-cut, or glued labels, etc.

– By the type of information application. The following types are logos, labeling, advertising, and other types of labels.

Any label has two text fields at least to display information about the product which is used:

1) Field for advertising (is placed in the foreground and contains marketing information).

2) Field for general information, operations manual, etc (usually is placed in the background and contains technical data).

It is not recommended to mix the two fields because the information on a label becomes unreadable.

In addition to the correct text distribution on the label, it is also necessary to select harmonious color schemes for labels and packaging. You can create color harmony by using software tools such as Adobe Kuler, ColorBlender, COLOURLovers, or manually.

When selecting a color scheme, take into account that multicolor labels are by about 65% more noticeable than black and white labels.

Symbols and images

Every detail on a label or packaging must perform a useful function. Otherwise, there is no point in the label using. For example, diagonally lines create a sense of movement while horizontal lines create the illusion of heaviness. Applying thin lines, you highlight grace and precision while thick lines create a sense of massiveness.

Choosing the right image and correctly placing it on the label, you can grab the attention of a significant number of potential buyers. As for the verbal elements, they have less impact on the buyer.

Readable text

On average, the text should interest the buyer in 2-3 seconds. It is very important that it contains information about the name of the product, the manufacturing company, and also highlights the benefits of the product. The text must be easy-to-read from a distance of several meters. It is advisable to use a Straight type of fonts as the Italic type is less readable.


, Effective Label: Key Features of Right Design

Effective combination of verbal and visual elements

When placing elements on an advertising message, it is important to take individual differences of the target audiences into account. For example, Europeans read the text from left to right but Easterners are likely to read it in the opposite direction. This is important to understand which part of the label should be the focus of attention. For Europeans, it is the right side of the label and vise versa for Easterners. Remember, that the upper part of the ad message is always in the spotlight while the lower one is less memorable.

The choice of material for the label manufacturing

Labels can be manufactured on white, cream, or transparent paper giving a different surface texture. Light-colored materials are the best options for putting ads.

Surface type for label

The easiest readability on a label is provided by a matte surface while a glossy surface on the product looks as real as possible. To test the effectiveness of labeling, marketers recommend releasing a trial lot of labels with two types of the surface at once and checking which one shows the best result in a particular advertising campaign.

Contact information on ads materials

An integral part of the label design is information for contacting the manufacturer of the product. The correct placement of the contact information about the brand is the right step to enable direct communication between the target audience and the product.

The competitive environment analysis

Competitive market analysis plays an important role in the correct positioning of your products. Having reviewed your competitors, you can emulate the positive experience and create more effective product solutions on its basis. The competitive race is not always the invention of something new. Sometimes it’s just an improvement on something that already exists on the market, and the design is the best assistant in it.

TCD Design Studio experts will design effective labels for you that can contribute to the most favorable positioning of your products in a competitive environment. We regularly monitor the latest market trends and offer you only up-to-date solutions.

, Effective Label: Key Features of Right Design


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