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Good printing is not only high-quality printing, but above all a well-thought-out design and its competent implementation. The final result and, possibly, the effectiveness of the entire advertising campaign depends on how correctly the layout for printing is executed.

In this article we will share with you 10 basic secrets of the correct design of printing products

, 10 rules for a good design of printed products



Any advertising should be informative, including print. It should be well read, as clear as possible to the target audience. When testing the finished layout, it is important to consider whether it will be convenient to read from afar or attract attention. This problem is solved with the help of a visual hierarchy of text – on average, even for a very large poster with a lot of text, 3-4 hierarchical layers of text are enough.

The first, where you should maximize information content, is the headline of your advertisement. It should be the biggest design element and the most contrasting. The title should be read even from a long distance.

The description of the banner should answer the questions. What? Where? and when? The information is presented in compressed form in a smaller font than the one used in the header. There is also no need to read this part from afar.

At the last, third level of advertising, all additional information is located. Can be made in small discreet font.



Contrast is important. Contrast catches. And this applies not only to texts, but also to images. Elements of advertising should be noticeable, catchy, catchy. To check the contrast of a color image, it should be periodically converted to shades of gray in order to understand how contrasting the elements turned out.

, 10 rules for a good design of printed products



When developing an advertisement, it is important to understand the environment in which it will be located. Based on this, the designer can choose the right size for the poster or banner. For example, you should not make a green poster for placement on a green wall.



A poster of various sizes can be equally effective. The main thing is the correct layout, then any banner will always look stunning.



Before creating an advertising banner, it is important to decide what will dominate in the composition – an image or text. Depending on this, it will be necessary to make one thing visually predominant: an image or text. In any case, one thing should dominate.



Advertising does not have to be complicated, and the image on it is confusing.


Also, do not allow the oversaturation of elements – exactly as much as is enough to convey an idea. At the same time, overloading with details can greatly complicate the process of assimilation of an advertising message by the end consumer.

The image should be well distinguishable from afar, while it is very important to take care of recognizing the image. It’s not necessary to greatly complicate the visual series – you need to use as many elements as you need to convey the main idea. This principle applies to all types of posters, including movie posters, which are sometimes too overloaded with details.



Negative or free space on advertising material is a huge field of activity. In this case, it is not necessary to occupy it completely. Air is also a very effective marketing tool. You can also experiment with the distance between letters – for example, close or excessively wide kerning reduces readability, a measure is important here.



An integral element of any advertising material, because the purpose of advertising is to motivate people to perform some action. For example, buy a product or order a service. Accordingly, in the center of any advertising message is a call for a specific action.

In printing, however, unlike the web, there is no place for interactivity, so there is no way to use its principles.

, 10 rules for a good design of printed products



It is curious, but true – many of the most famous advertising banners do not contain illustrations or any graphic elements other than text. And at the same time, they perfectly convey the main idea, “catch” the consumer’s look and motivate them to buy. The secret of quality typography allows you to create minimalistic advertising compositions that work at 120%.

Yes, you should not get carried away – 10 different fonts on one advertising poster will be overkill.


A little outrageous will make your ad attractive and emotionally filled. Go beyond, hit the client, and he will surely notice your advertisement among many other advertising messages.


You can use the ten rules for effective printing design not only on advertising posters, but also when printing labels, developing advertising booklets and in other advertising cases.

And the specialists of our studio will be happy to develop an effective design for you, which you and your customers will surely remember.