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графический дизайн 2019

Graphic design is a quite dynamic and diverse craft where experts create visual content to communicate messages. It is constantly developing and moving forward discarding the unnecessary, keeping the best trends, and generating unconventional ideas.

It’s just the beginning of the New Year but the main trends in graphic design that will be relevant in the near future have already clearly emerged. So, what packaging and label design trends will get us to admire in the year 2019?

Graphic Design 2019: No Boredom Allowed!

Brightness, vividness, and unexpected solutions will be the main trend of the coming year in graphic design. Using various visual effects, experimenting with color, shape, and texture are the scope for creativity, not limited by the framework.

The successful techniques used over the past years will be improved by the designers. The shifted layers of the image, wavy contours, double light, duplication, and holography will be rejuvenated and get a new life.

The new design is intended to excite, inspire, and energize action. It is aimed to become a means of communication with the consumer.

Advertising and Logo Design: Font Experiments

Text information shouldn’t be boring. Fashionable graphics are still a playful and resourceful trend. The main task is to convey the message to the customer and to communicate with the audience. The designer stylization of the font opens up great prospects in the field of advertising and branding.

новые тенденции в дизайне

The designers use a chaotic arrangement of words, a disappearing font, the letters as real objects, or an image hidden behind the text to effectively draw the viewer’s attention.

At the same time, the font should be aesthetically attractive, readable, and harmoniously interact with other design elements.

New Prospects in Graphic Design

The new design provides unique visual variations. Three-dimensional elements on a poster, packaging or label, space in the negative, the coincidence of the background color, and the volumetric image, the combination of bright colors and gradients look interesting and are loyally perceived by a viewer. Besides, they motivate the viewer to take a closer look at the product or advertisement.

The motley design techniques such as computer processing of the images and hand-made pictures, the use of animated installations, and retro-styled images don’t lose their prospects and are still in trend this season. Their main task is to arouse keen interest, emotional response, and to induce the target audience to respond to the action. And they can handle the task fine.

новинки графического дизайна

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