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создать дизайн, Be Your Own Designer: how to create the design of logotype from scratch

A new concept in design: how can a newbie create a spectacular logo?

Obviously, it’s quite easy to create a logo design as well as to develop a corporate identity. It seems like the work of the designer looks simple and straightforward and besides incredibly interesting. Therefore, many people consider that they can create something designy, classy, and creative by their own efforts.

We are sympathetic to such creative impulses. Nobody knows about some of the talents that they have. Perhaps the urge to creativity has woken up will open up incredible prospects, being a major idea of a lifetime.

Therefore, we are anxious to share our experiences and to give some practical advice to everyone who decided to become a designer.

Design creation: where to start?

Primarily a design starts with an idea. For example, you are eager to create a label design for a bottle of wine manufactured on your own or to design your company logo. Do not rush to start sketching. After all, the task of the designer is not just to draw a beautiful picture but to attract customers to the product by using the visual effects.

It means the first thing you have to do is to study your target audience. The questions you should ask yourselves are the following: “Who will buy my products?” or “Who needs the services of my company?” Imagine who these people are whether children, youth, or adults, men or women, regardless of their occupation, job, and lifestyles. Your design should appeal to people, be remembered, and cause a response.

Corporate identity development: shades and tones

Another point that can confuse a novice designer is the choice of colors. The combination of colors should be spectacular, aesthetic, and simultaneously reflect the philosophy of the brand. The same graphics in various color looks and is perceived by the viewer in completely different ways.

creating a design

The modern designer toolkit is not limited to the traditional color spectrum. Special programs are required using which even the most inexperienced person can correctly determine the choice of a palette.

Font in design

The font is a fundamental part of graphic design. If color and shapes affect the viewer at a subconscious level, the font is a conductor between aesthetic perception and logic. The same phrase, written in different typefaces, has different ways of reaching people’s minds.

When choosing a font, beware of excesses. Of course, we’re eager to highlight more major information by larger and bolder font, to explain something by a smaller font, or to write less relevant information in the smallest letters. Having a beautiful and unusual font means using it for fun.

create font design

When developing the design of a label or sticker, logo, banner, or postcard with a context, be the mind of the basic rule – “No more than three fonts at a time”. And it is advisable to use fonts from the same family, and then your work will look skilled and refined.

Are you a designer or a compounder?

Let’s talk about a basic essential of design, i.e. its compositional solution. It’s easier to imagine it as a hierarchy. The most major element is at the top. It will visually dominate in your design, so it’s striking first.

Make use efficiently an empty space. The simpler, the more effective is the Golden Rule of the designer. Do not overload the design with details. Do not leave empty the place which is begging for that platitude phrase – “Here your advertising can be placed!”

Let your design be appreciated by your friends or colleagues. Show it to them. Behold their reaction. It will certainly enrich the design discussion and reveal the pros and cons of your work. Sometimes, a fresh vision as well as an impartial opinion is the best critic and proper viewpoint.

TCD Design Studio & Branding Agency

In fact, everything is not so complicated. Talent and experience provide the designer to adopt decisions quickly as well as to create product inspiringly and competently.

Start realizing the potential if you are still obsessed with an urge to create a design.

If you like to get a high-quality result at once then contact experts of TCD Branding Agency who assist you in developing a corporate identity, and creating a logo or label design.

An integrated approach, respectful attitude towards clients, professional competences in the rules of modern business we provide are enabled us to successfully implement projects of any complexity.

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