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ребрендинг в Украине

Rebranding is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to breathe new life into the brand, to reinvigorate its perception, and to convey your message to the target audience. Recently, lots of Ukrainian brands have realized that it’s time for a change. Even great institutions and companies that have not changed their traditions for decades have updated their corporate identity.

TCD Branding Agency offers you to overview the most outstanding Ukrainian rebranding. We gotta wonder what of these projects you consider to be the most successful. Shall we discuss this?

UkraineNOW: the national branding

To have their own brand is a privilege not only of companies or organizations. The brand design at the national level aims to demonstrate a positive image of the country and its citizens to the whole world as well as to intensify international relations.

The national corporate identity of UkraineNOW has been designed to show Ukrainians’ optimism and energy, their determination, openness to the world, and to motivate foreigners to get to know Ukraine better. The concept of UkraineNOW identity is based on the idea that the time of active changes and opportunities have come to the country and this is the best moment to attract investments and tourists to Ukraine as well as for business development.

Openness is the major feature of this branding. No government permission is required to use the brand. The UkraineNOW logo can be used in the design of business attributes, souvenirs, and information products, in external and internal advertising, and packaging design.

новинки ребрендинга

The rebranding of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU)

The rebranding of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) caused a lot of heated debate among design and branding experts. The process of updating the NBU identity was not so easy. The designers’ ideas didn’t like and find support from the financiers, and vice versa. However, the right balance between them was struck, and the rebranding took place. Now the central bank of the country is actively using the new corporate identity.

The rebranding aimed to reflect the changes and reforms carried out by the NBU, to create an identity corresponding to modern trends, and at the same time to maintain continuity with the style to which clients and partners are accustomed.

Traditionally, the NBU logo symbolizes the hryvnia of the Kyiv Rus times and reflects the philosophy of the bank. What has changed with the rebranding? The heraldic cartouche has disappeared. The image of the hryvnia is now color-divided diagonally. A side compartment along the contour has been used which adds volume to the logo. The ornate Benguiat font has been replaced with a simpler font. In general, identity has become more rational and modern.

заказать ребрендинг в Киеве

Ukrzaliznytsia: new logo design

The refreshing of the Ukrzaliznytsia brand was carried out quite softly: it signaled to clients and partners about the development of the company leaving the core values ​​unchanged. New directions of identity were outlined; the logo and design of the trains were updated.

The branding of the national rail carrier is based on the idea of ​​ an uninterrupted movement forward. And the minimalistic logo design has become a visual expression of this movement which is symbolized by a stylized image of a train.

фирменный стиль

Comfy corporate identity design

Comfy, a large seller of electronics and household appliances is one more company that has decided to make changes to its corporate identity. The desire to capture the cheerfulness and boldness of the brand was expressed in bright colors and play on contrasts.

Experimenting with branding, advertising, and content isn’t new to the company. This time the designers showed up in the use of super-soft ‘push’ material as an accent. In general, the Comfy identity emphasizes the company’s mission – to make people’s lives joyful, comfortable, and easy.

брендинг в Украине

Rozetka: the evolution of identity

Rozetka, the Ukrainian online store, approached the rebranding in an evolutionary way. Dealing with numerous trademarks, the logos of which are full of the store’s website, the company deliberately made its corporate identity as neutral and simple as possible.

Today, the Rozetka identity does not draw attention to itself. On the contrary, there is nothing superfluous in it distracting a potential buyer from choosing the product.

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TCD Design Studio and Branding Agency

The main purpose of branding is to create a distinctive image of the company that will be remembered and will evoke association related to the brand. The task of the designer is to effectively implement the conceptual idea. An integrated approach and well-coordinated work of professionals comes first. So this is the TCD Branding Agency approach.

TCD Company is successful in:

  • Corporate identity design
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