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, How to Take Product Photos That’ll Boost Sales

How often do you shop online and what are your product selection criteria? Statistics show that the number of marketplaces and the total weight of online sales have exponentially grown in recent times.

Both global digitalization and quarantine restrictions have influenced the increase in the volume of online commerce. The online store sector is very competitive, and online shoppers rely on the information the seller provides on the product page. It is not enough to take a product photo in a warehouse using your Smartphone in order to attract a customer. You have to use specific strategies and techniques to capture customers seeing the details of your products and entice them to buy. 

Online store photos that sell more: some tricks you should know

Studies show that one of the decisive factors for making a purchase is not only such objective parameters as price and characteristics but also subjective aspects, the main of which is the impression that makes a product photo on a customer’s choice in the online store.

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When you search for any product, a lot of offers are instantly displayed for your query. But agree that you choose the product that instills a sense of confidence in you. This applies equally to items you are looking for purposefully and those you are shopping for the first time. What do we mean?

On one hand, the buyer chooses the quality of both the product and the service. However, if the seller does not respect the customer by showing him/her poor-quality photos of goods, then what kind of trust can we talk about. Accordingly, the shopper unwittingly wonders whether it is worth it to pay money to this seller if there are better options of buying.

On the other hand, it is beautiful photos that frequently have a decisive affect on the purchase decision. Seeing an attractive picture on the Internet, the buyer completely loses the critical approach. AliExpress and similar trade platforms are prime examples.

We do not claim that the photo alone can boost sales. It’s about making the most of every opportunity to increase sales while not missing any of them. So, we come to a key, essential issue: how to take spectacular photos of products for an online store? Let’s face it, not every seller has the technical capability, the time, and the talent to do it. 

Some tips to take the perfect photos that’ll sell

A photo taken with a Smartphone in a store or in a back room can become a masterpiece that conveys vibe and mood. Probably, it is a good option for social media. However, such a photo doesn’t fit to be placed on the site or in the catalog of the online store. The customer should see precisely what he buys, be in a position to examine the product closely, and, of course, feel boundless sympathy for it.

There are lots of examples when a real product turns out to be much more attractive than its photo is. This applies to both food, beverages, and non-food goods.

Let’s take delicacy seafood that comes in stunningly textured packaging as an example. Lying on the shelf, this product definitely captures one’s attention with its attractive and tasty appearance. However, a poor-quality photo negates all the efforts of the manufacturer and completely discredits the product. At the same time, a professional photo can highlight the unique properties of gourmet seafood offered in a beautiful package.

photography services


Product photos for marketplaces that will sell more should be aesthetically attractive and meet the site requirements. There are certain web design trends, which are not aware of sellers yet are well known to experienced photographers. Such experts can help you in taking professional photos for your online store that surely will boost sales.

Take our advice and custom professional high-resolution photos for your online store by taking into account the right light & the right angle, and showcase your product in all its glory. Rest assured, such product photos will meet your expectations and boost sales.

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If you want some more inspiration, check out some of our best examples in our PHOTO STUDIO section.