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дизайн винных этикеток заказат

Do you know that wine lovers have a language all their own? It is not always comprehensible to the average person what carries the meaning of the word “wine” when the wine lover calls it like grape, plonk, vino, cheap blush, Jesus juice, Satan’s urine, or loud wine. Someone names the wine respectfully and affectionately, others – too friendly or even intimate. In addition, people have different ways of wine choosing based on their preferences, tastes, recommendations, and prices. But in most cases, the first experience with wine comes with the label design.

Let’s play a game. Use your imagination and visualize a bottle of expensive wine. What’s its label on your mind? Probably, it is of high quality, very thick, and unique. Its design forms great expectations in a person concerning the taste and quality of the wine.

And now, please imagine the label of vino or plonk. Do you have any fantasies or associations with cheap wine? What’s the label on the bottle, what do you think? Undoubtedly, it is simpler and more democratic, without pathos and luxury style in design.

As you see, there is a great difference between cheap and expensive wine and it lies not only in taste and brand. Consequently, the labels on the various wines are also distinct.

Wine producers traditionally introduce their products at the market with labels of relevant design, material, and printing effects, which correspond to the class of the drink.

дизайн этикетки для вина заказать

How to select a wine label design

The label for premium wine is featured by its exclusive high-class design, the richness of the graphic layout, and expensive paper. It makes a very presentable impression even in the case of a minimalistic design solution. Sometimes labels on expensive wine look very simple. However, they always have their own style and quality. If a manufacturer values ​​its reputation, he will not save money on a good label realizing that it directly affects sales.

Browse our design wine labels from the Portfolio section. All of them differ in their concept and artistic implementation. However, each label owns its unique nature that attracts customer’s attention. All these projects are based on the talent, work, and professionalism of our experts, while the results, expressed in excellent boost sales of the products, please both our customers and us.

The price for a design is not just a cost but an investment in your business.


 wine label design

Producers of value-priced alcohol, who feel comfortable in their niche, tend to order simpler and cheaper labels. Firstly, it is economically feasible for them. Secondly, it is believed that an expensive label on a bottle of medium-quality alcohol may raise suspicions about the desire to increase the price of the product.

We want to provide advice to manufacturers: do not cheapen the label while saving on it!

Are you ready to risk your reputation and suffer losses in business if your wine stops buying due to distrust of its label? People who choose mid-range wine usually know the value of money. It is important for them to understand that they are not wasting money.

As for the manufacturer, he should know that the price for a design is not just a cost but an investment in his business.


 wine label design

Custom wine label design: the best price

Do you need a label design and, in the meantime, you are looking for a company to order a design, which goes cheap? Have you thought about the challenges you might face in the future?

Cheap design pitfalls

  •  Discrepancy between expectations and results. They can arise both visually and in terms of sales. Do you think that you will boost your sales when saving on a design? We don’t think so. The cheap design is visible at a glance, especially when the wine is on the store shelf. After all, everything is known in comparison. Your label will either get lost among the competitive products, or it will stand out for the worse. Alas, neither one nor the other promotes sales.
  •  Deadlines, nerves, and proceedings. Cheap doesn’t mean fast. Trying to save money on a design, you run the risk of unprofessionalism or outright cheating. Admit it honestly, this is not the result you are striving for.
  •  Added value. If you want to order a design that goes cheap, be ready for the fact that the final value may be much higher than the initial one. You will be charged for each revision and correction. And it’s not certain that you’ll get the design you wan

Do not cheapen the label while saving on it!

 wine label design

So, don’t go after design services, which go cheap. Think ahead since business is always a planning process. And even the rapid business turnover implies a balanced and reasonable approach.

Find out the price for wine label design in the TCD Design Studio right now by contacting our managers by phone or email listed here. We guarantee you the information obtained will surprise you pleasantly!