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Український дизайн

Ukrainian design. What can be said? It’s cool, modern and in demand all over the world. During this year, Ukrainian label design became a real hit in the world. Many manufacturers and distributors of products in different countries turn to Ukrainian stylistics and our designers to create unique and memorable labels for their products.

The hype for Ukrainian design in the world has been moving into an effective way since the war had shocked the global community. After all, world attention to the Ukrainian topic is supported by talented, professional and high-quality work.

, Hype for Ukrainian design in the world

Unshaken Whisky label and packaging design. Reference

What are the features and advantages of Ukrainian design 2023

What makes Ukrainian label design so attractive?

Firstly, it is very original. Ukrainian designers use bright and saturated colors, graphic elements and symbols that are easy to remember and stand out on the store shelf. They also skillfully combine different styles and traditions, creating a unique impressive design.

Ukrainian design

Omega oil label (Lithuania). Design development – TCD company

Secondly, Ukrainian label design is very high-quality and professional. Many Ukrainian designers have profound experience to work with product manufacturers and understand how to create a label that will be attractive to buyers and will be able to sell the product effectively.

, Hype for Ukrainian design in the world

Packaging and label design for Soul of Ukraine perfume. Reference

Ukraine is known for its high competitiveness in the field of design and many Ukrainian designers offer their services at very attractive prices. It makes Ukrainian label design available for many manufacturers.

Modern Ukrainian design for world brands 

The hype for Ukrainian design in the world provides new opportunities for the Ukrainian industry of design and labels production. It reveals Ukraine to the world, demonstrates the high quality and professionalism of Ukrainian designers, and also proves that Ukrainian design can be a real competitor on the global market. World manufacturers understand that Ukrainian label design is not only beautiful and original, but also very effective for selling goods.

Label and packaging design for whiskey

North Star Whisky label and packaging design. Reference

Order label and packaging design (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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