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, Global graphic design trends 2023: branding, label and packaging

What graphic design trends will determine the year 2023? We present to your attention the TOP-7 trends of modern graphic design, which are directly related to branding, labels and packaging.

1. Artificial intelligence driven design 

The debate over AI-driven design has been going on for a long time. Against their background, the evolution of artificial intelligence moves on, its algorithms are constantly being improved, and many designers and agencies openly or not use them in their work.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Recipe, name and label design for Monker’s Garkel gin created by artificial intelligence. Reference


Launched in late 2022, Chat GPT not only gives advice on how to design a logo, label and package or develop a corporate identity. This powerful artificial intelligence can create illustrations by itself.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Alice and Sparkle book written and illustrated by artificial intelligence Chat GPT. Reference


We won’t discuss the pros and cons of this approach, but just state the fact that AI-driven design is definitely among the top trends 2023.


2. Expressive typography

New year means a new font aesthetics. Letters outline and words shape attract attention and have a special emotional meaning. Typography 2023 goes beyond the rules. It adds individuality to the design. Product and brand names, logos, and slogans are perceived not only by the mind, but also by the senses. Thanks to expressive typography, a strong associative connection is created with the target audience.

Fonts of different widths, depths and sizes are in trend – condensed, bold, distorted, wavy, with preference being given to hard-to-read typography.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Patkos design

3. Handwritten fonts

Certainly, hand lettering and stylized handwritten fonts have existed for years, but today more and more big brands use it in their designs.

Designers update existing letters or create their own handwritten fonts from scratch. Such elements can make the design more interesting and increase trust in the brand by giving its own unique character.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023 Amy Hood design


Український дизайн як виклик війні

TCD studio design


4. Vintage minimalist

Design in the vintage style sends back to the old days. Vintage is associated with sincerity, heartfulness, and attention to detail. Such design evokes happy memories of youth in older people, and it is new and, therefore, interesting for young people. In any case, the number of vintage lovers has grown enough to make it a modern design trend.

Graphic design 2023 offers a combination of vintage and minimalism choosing the best of both styles and discarding unnecessary elements. The result of this approach should be a pure, exquisite, timeless design.

тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Aleksander Savic design


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

5. Branded illustrations

This trend was given a significant boost a few years ago, when brands like Dropbox and Mailchimp invested in their own stylized illustrations. It has now spread to smaller brands as well. Even personal brands use specially designed images and icons to expand their capabilities and build their own unique style.

If done correctly, these branded illustrations are so original and recognizable that they can quickly become synonymous with the brands themselves, even if separated from the logo.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023



тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Hueso Studio design

6. Foil stamping

One of the biggest graphic design trends 2023 is foil stamping. It is an effective way to enrich the design, add luxury and style to printed materials. For brands, stamping with foil is an opportunity to raise their level, attract the attention of buyers, make the appearance of their products more respectable and sophisticated.

There are practically limitless possibilities of using foil in the design of labels and packaging. For example, you can give the labels sophistication with the help of gold foil, and make them more futuristic using multi-colored foil.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Tessa Portuese design

7. Photos in design

While photos are slowly giving way to videos in social networks, in design they are gaining stronger positions. Now companies boldly break the mold and actively include images into their identity, label design, packaging, print advertising, and even logo design.

It’s important to use photos conveying the proper message you’re trying to show in your design. If before, stock photos were widely used, which looked standard and lifeless, now the trend is to have your own original photos or creative ways of using existing photos.


тренди графічного дизайну 2023

Studio Badal Patel design

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