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, World Fashion for Ukrainian Label Design

Ukrainian design confidently walks around the world. The events of 2022 raised a wave of interest in everything Ukrainian. The will of Ukrainians for victory causes great respect, and Ukrainian symbolism is associated with invincibility and free life.

Speaking of crazy for Ukrainian label design, two main trends can be distinguished.

Trend No.1. Ukrainian theme in label design became very popular

Ukrainian design is associated with strength, will for victory, soulfulness, sincerity – qualities inherent in the Ukrainian people. National colors and motifs, military style in combination with global trends arouse keen interest in the world and become a breath of fresh air for many brands. It is really powerful, impressive, bright.

Craze for Ukrainian label design has already reached the farthest corners of the planet. So, the Australian company released Sunshine & Sons Pineapple Parfait Gin in honor of Kherson liberation. The author of the label design is Kostyantyn Des from Odessa. And use the proceeds to buy the detectors to search for mines in Kherson.

Ukrainian theme in label design

The Scottish manufacturer of strong alcohol Wolfburn dedicated to Ukraine a limited edition of whiskey Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal and Slava Ukraini. A golden trident and the brand logo are placed on the yellow-blue field of the label.

Ukrainian theme in label design 

The Canadian brand Meleg Perfumes  presented the perfume Slava Ukraini (“Glory to Ukraine”). On the front side of the bottle there is a trident and the inscription “Slava Ukraine, Heroyam Slava” in English transliteration, on the back – blue-yellow flag. The bottle itself is transparent with sunflowers background. $50 from each bottle goes to the Ukrainian Army and the National Bank of Ukraine.

Ukrainian theme in label design 

Trend No.2. Ukrainian designers receive the international orders

The second trend is about involvement of Ukrainian designers by international companies. The world discovered the talent and high level of professionalism of designers from Ukraine. Most of our compatriots have fundamental education, creative thinking, and are well versed in modern trends. They are in constant search, movement, self-development, and therefore their work has a level that is not inferior to foreign competitors, and often surpasses them.

Ukrainian theme in label design

Fashion for Ukrainian label design is cool!

After all, the popularity of Ukrainian design:

  •   Forms a positive image of Ukraine in the world.
  •   Increases the level of recognition of the Ukrainian style.
  •   Contributes to the prestige of Ukrainian design and designers.
  •   Helps Ukrainian designers to reveal their potential and opens up global perspectives for them.
  •   Takes brands to a new level.
  •   Accumulates funds to support Ukraine during the war.


Ukrainian theme in label design

Ukrainian label design sets international trends

We know what we are talking about. Because there are many international companies among our clients that appreciate the quality and creativity of Ukrainian label design. We are open to the world and work with customers from different countries.

, World Fashion for Ukrainian Label Design

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