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Крафтовый эффект

How can you attract appropriate buyers? Why is a kraft product so popular? What is meant kraft design? Learn more about ordering a kraft label design.

Design that sells: kraft labels

Natural, discreet and so expressive kraft style radiates warm-hearted emotions and gratifying which is something lacking for us in the rapid pace of the modern world. Being in conditions of market supersaturating with mass-produced goods, kraft products attract attention with their exclusivity, quality, and emphasized natural appearance.

Kraft labels as an engine of growth for trade

According to the estimation of market research, positioning a product as a kraft one helps to promote consumer interest and trust. Kraft label or packaging is associated with a unique, eco-friendly product produced by a master on a special, well-known technology.

The polls find that more than half of respondents will prefer kraft goods within products of one product category and cost. Statistics show that 85% of consumers trust kraft products while 68% of customers have purchased kraft products at least once.

For someone, kraft is a reflection of the life philosophy of conscious consumption. For others, it means exotic and an attempt to go beyond the pressure of innovative technologies. People buy products marked with kraft labels to try something new and unusual or wishing to make an original gift. In any case, kraft style is at the peak of popularity nowadays.

Craft effect design

Features of label design in kraft style

Kraft design is based on a handmade concept. The palette of kraft paper and natural shades – brown, beige, grayish, greenish tones, is used. The design of the kraft label is usually complemented by graphics in retro, steampunk, gothic, or romantic styles. The emphasis is often placed on calligraphy.

Kraft labels and packaging are one of the most recognizable. They evoke lasting associations with freshness, naturalness, and eco-friendliness. Therefore try to avoid platitudes like “100% Service Benefit” or something like this when creating messages. It is much better to emphasize the specifics of manufacturing, for example, indicating the highest quality of olive oil on the label as “Extra Virgin”.

Complementing the visual aesthetics of the design with tactile effects giving the label the texture of kraft paper, you’ll hit the spot. This can be done in two ways by printing labels on natural kraft paper which is quite expensive or by printing effects of imitating kraft paper.

craft style label

Label design by using kraft effect: price

Imitating the kraft paper effect accepts to reduce the cost of manufacturing of labels several times providing their distinctive appearance and excellent performance. Learn more about printing kraft labels here.

Self-adhesive labels with an effect of imitating kraft paper are a great option for many categories of goods: beer, wine, cognac, and other alcoholic beverages, craft coffee and tea, farm and organic products, handmade cosmetics and soaps, souvenirs, etc.

The tasteful and style kraft design of the label will emphasize the uniqueness of the product making it particularly attractive to consumers.

TCD Design Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine) offers services in the creation of the design of a label or a packing in kraft style. For more detailed information or order, please contact us by the phones indicated in the Contacts or by email filling out the feedback form on our website.