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Identity, label, packaging development

Customer attention is the greatest challenge that has always been dealing with famous brands. Studies show that a person keeps attention focused on the packaging for about two seconds when examining a showcase. At this moment he/she takes a decision either to buy your product or not. Label and packaging design is an important stage in brand establishment and development.

More Does Not Equal Better

Today, the concept of placing as much information about the product as possible on the label confuses the buyer rather than initiates a purchase. The customer has neither the ability nor the desire to study lots of information on the label and to process it for 2 seconds. Experienced designers usually apply the following rule in their work: “Minimum text, maximum result”. Thanks to this, a person manages to assess the main advantages of the product and correlate them with the product price. Convincing a customer to purchase a product by providing only key information on the label is a unique skill.

Creating a proper concept in label design requires a comprehensive approach. It includes the full coordination of the creative department, marketing teams, and copywriters on studying and designing the advertising products, and catalogs of a brand. Their major task is to design a label that can attract a buyer in some seconds giving him/her complete information about the product pointing out its advantages. The product is already perceived as an intricate and indistinct one if the buyer’s understanding of the product takes a longer time.

Packaging’ Secrets

Speaking about packaging, it must be realized that it is rather an inappropriate way to evaluate the product itself for the consumer. It is much more interesting and informative to touch the product, to taste it, to evaluate the smell and color for the buyer. But in this case, health safety and technical specifications often do not provide such opportunities. The task of the designer in this situation is to minimize the barriers that prevent a person from evaluating the product.

The great option is a transparent package or part of it due to which a buyer can easily assess the appearance of the product. Such a package allows the consumer to make a decision promptly in your brand favor. Of course, visual access to the product is not always possible. In this case, the appearance of the product should be shown in the form of nice images that convey the color, smell, and taste of the contents of the package.

Stand Out the Design!

When evaluating a showcase in a supermarket, the human brain processes a large flow of information and subconsciously searches for a product based on three ratings:

  • The product is familiar to me
  • The product I’ve already tried
  • The product stands out on the showcase

Seemingly it is easier to buy an already proven product free of risk and loss. But a person always strives to find a product of the best quality. It is at this moment the product design that is in noticeable contrast to a competitors’ one will draw the attention of the buyer. Stand out your product among a various range of similar products designing it in red color whereas the competitors’ labels are in a blue one. This is the surefire way to become a leader in the retail market.

Personal Approach in Design

When creating any product, brand, or design, it is particularly pertinent to study its target audience. After all, it is impossible to find or create anything that interests everyone. Examining the customer’s demands you can give him/her exactly what he/she wants. The approach to product design for women is completely different from the approach to product design for men. Life itself leads us to these conclusions.

Order a Label Design in Ukraine

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