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What does the practical design stage start with? Above all, it starts with specifying the customer’s wishes and requirements as well as the design brief that outlines the design project. A design brief is a project management document that contains the basic information regarding the project and defines the goals, objectives, and core details of the upcoming cooperation.

In fact, the design brief is a kind of list of key design points. A design brief helps to get a more complete picture of the project before starting work and to be clear on the course being followed in the process of creative search.

The Most Important Things about Brief

A design brief can be written in a questionnaire format that contains questions to outline the range of work. The customer fills out the initial version which is specified and finalized, if necessary. At the same time, corrections to the text, minor changes in color, or the layout of the ordered design may be amended. After the edit and reconciliation phase, the design brief is finally approved and signed by the parties.

The signed design brief means the beginning of a project and is not subject to change. If the customer wishes to make changes to the current brief during or at the end of the work, this design brief is canceled and a new one is written. The last one is regarded as a new project and accordingly should be paid again.

How to Write a Design Brief

How to Write a Design Brief

The design brief is free of templates. However, there are several essential aspects that make a great brief. Firstly, it should provide general information about the customer – the name and contact details as well as the time frame necessary for the required planning work. Secondly, there should be described the product for designing, its name, brand, and the corresponding target audience in it.

The design brief, of course, contains detailed questions regarding the goal itself, for instance: 

  • Design / redesign
  • Single product / line of products
  • The presence of mandatory graphic / text elements
  • Preferences / restrictions on colors, etc.

For example, the customer objects to using neon colors in the design. This must be reflected in the design brief.

It’s mandatory to state the objective of the design work in the design brief supposed to be achieved. The more accurate the answers are, the fewer misunderstandings will arise in the process of work. The design brief helps the customer to think through what he needs from the project and to more clearly imagine the desired result while it provides the contractor to understand what is required of him.


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