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Логотипи та їх підробки: де замовити лого, щоб не вскочити в халепу

Fake logos have become classics of the genre. We have long been aware of the difference between real Adidas and Chinese fakes, or others. A keen eye of Ukrainians experienced the powerful force of market trade since childhood is able to notice the smallest details and inconsistencies in the logos design. We can’t be fooled by a fake Puma, Nike, or Dolce & Gabbana, everyone already knows such a well-known place of fake production as Arnautska Street in Odesa.

 Logos and their fakes

Forgery of logos: global practice and struggle against plagiarism in design

Time zips along. However, stories of fake logos are not becoming rarer. Unscrupulous businessmen do not invent anything new. They just brazenly redraw the logos of well-known brands.

Do you remember the trash with logo of fast food chain “Vkusno i tochka” that have to replace McDonald’s in russia? The newly created logo is not only similar to the logos of well-known global brands, but it clearly duplicates the logo of the Portuguese animal food manufacturer Matosmix.

Logos and their fakes

Find 5 differences. “Vkusno i tochka” logo vs Matosmix logo

And here are more examples that are simply impossible to pass by.

логотипи підробки

 Logo plagiarism? No, never heard! The original Tide logo vs Tids

Logos and their fakes

We are not twins or even relatives: the original KFC logo vs Closer Toys logo

 adidas Logos and their fakes

Poles apart. Original Adidas vs….

Powerful brands always attract those who want to follow the beaten path without making their own. Others are always basking in the sunlight. But there is a difference between wishing to warm your hands and looking for inspiration. Some fakes of famous logos cause real delight with their creativity.

didpanas Logo

Did Panas bravely promotes. Adidas nervously smokes. 

So as you can see, there are nuances. But in any case, the use of someone else’s identity requires the official permission of the owner. If you think that it is enough to change a letter in the naming or slightly change some elements in the design, and you can safely bring the product to the market, you are mistaken. It’s against the law. And it can lead to very serious consequences.

For example,  Gucci is known to have won a lawsuit against Indian business that manufactured, stocked and offered a large number of counterfeit products, including socks and packaging material, under their name and well-known logo with green and red ribbons.

Logos and their fakes

Gucci socks. Photo from the Internet. Original or fake?

Well, how are things with design plagiarism in Ukraine?

In wartime, only the marauder is worse than the enemy. Struggle for a transparent market and honest business continues in Ukraine even under war condition. 

Thus, at the beginning of January 2023, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine started  a case against the Ukrainian television company  “Children’s Television of Ukraine” regarding ban on the use of symbols similar to the symbols of the American competitor Viacom International Inc. (USA), which operates under the logos “NICK”, “NICK JR.” and “NICKELODEON”. Earlier, the court found that the defendant company violated Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection Against Unfair Competition” and imposed a fine of UAH 80,000 on it and ordered to stop the violation. But the AMCU did not receive evidence that the violation had been stopped, so the case was considered on the grounds provided for in Clause 4 of Art. 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection Against Economic Competition” – non-compliance with decision of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Logos and their fakes

Another recent case involves the copying of logo and brand name. In December 2022, AMCU fined a travel company for using logo and name similar to a competitor’s company.

Logos and their fakes

A high-profile fine of UAH 10 million was imposed in January 2023 on the Ukrainian pharmaceutical company “Zdorovia” for plagiarizing the design of the medicinal product packaging of Citramon-Darnitsa.

Logos and their fakes

Where to order a logo design not to break the law

Should you copy someone else logo design knowingly or not, liability shall be severe. Fines, ban on the use of the image, a lot of time, nerves and money wasted on legal proceedings. Do you want it? Even if the business is super honest, logo plagiarism can happen even when a non-professional performer unintentionally creates a design similar to an existing one.

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