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Двухсторонние этикетки на заказ

Do you know how to achieve the expressiveness of the label design not to overburden the text and completely to retain the necessary information content? Have you got an option to present products in a completely new way with a simple label? We can offer a great solution to this problem: meet self-adhesive double-sided labels!

Two sides of the same label: a maximum result

The peculiarity of the label design is that it must combine artistic appeal and compliance with all the rules for product labeling. But what do you do if the self-adhesive label is a quite small one or the concept of design implies minimalism?
double-sided bottle label


One of the ways is to act in an ordinary manner. Try to fit on the front side of the self-adhesive label everything the customer wants as well as meets the standards. If all the information is not placed, try to reduce the font, resize the text, or overlay it on the image. But here’s the thing: the nice appearance of the label is missing, and the buyer can’t read the necessary information without a magnifying glass. It’s not a perfect option but it’s possible.

As an alternative, compromise can be sought, for instance, to redo the design, to shorten the text on the label, wasting time, and needlessly tormenting both yourself and the customer. The outcome could be quite unpredictable since concessions may result in a decrease in visual appeal and information content in this case.

Well, let’s look at another way. Keep in mind that a label has two sides, so try to make the most of them. It’s time to tell you how to do this.
label double sided design

Double-sided label: a design

Self-adhesive double-sided labels are a godsend for the manufacturer! They literally expand the creative space, and make it possible to fully realize the creative idea supplementing it with the information necessary for the consumer.

One side of the label can have a strictly artistic goal with a limited amount of text while the opposite one is used for informational content. It can contain information about the composition, storage options, instruction manual, etc. Thus, you can use labels for cosmetics, shampoos, body care products, labels for household and auto chemicals, labels for food, and drinks.
double-sided label

A good idea is to use double-sided labels as a tool to draw attention to products in transparent bottles with liquid contents: vodka, liqueurs, water, and detergents. In this case, the artistic emphasis is on the reverse side of the label. The liquid bottle acts like a lens greatly enhancing the design effect.

A double-sided label can transform a product visually giving it an attractive color and the impression of internal lighting. The image on the label through a round bottle appears voluminous and enlarged in the center. If the bottle is flat, then the image magnification is more visible at the edges. Both the front label and the back label can be double-sided. In this case, the front label should be designed in transparent

self adhesive label for household chemicals design

Double-sided labels to order: a design concept

In an effort to present your products in the most favorable way, monitor design trends, seek new opportunities and keep an open mind. Perhaps, self-adhesive double-sided labels will be a great option for you.

The TCD Design Studio experts will become your navigators in the vast ocean of creative design ideas and find the optimal solution for your label design. We’ll create the best label designs for you to successfully promote your products on the market.