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маркетинг сосиски потап реклама fedoriv

On October 6, 2020, Fedoriv marketing agency presented a series of advertising products in promoting sausages for Globino Trademark. In summary, they have created the product of vivid colors, witty plot, and impeccable quality of the image. Yeah, well, that’s provocative and slightly shocking advertising but definitely a memorable one. Watch, keep in mind, and buy!

sausages labels

This advertising is a full explosion of color, emotion, questions, and answers. What does it mean? It means as a whole a clear definition of the target audience in the slogan, a familiar face on a screen, and a surrealistic-situational storyline in contrast. This advertising is a spicy combination that evokes cognitive dissonance and visual rapture at the same time. It hit the buyers, doesn’t it?

The new design presentation is clear and technology-based. The viewer becomes a participant in the brand-building process. The new logo font, packaging, and label design, corporate identity, development are nice, clear, and interesting. We can watch it without getting bored. What do you think?