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, Visual Similarity or Plagiarism: Copying in Label and Packaging Design

As we know, success inspires. Good design examples are admirable and become role models. But sometimes the similarities are so great that the question of plagiarism comes into play. Today we will try to figure out where there is a fine line between the trend and the fake in the design of labels and packaging.

How to Detect Plagiarism in Design?

Making it clear, copying is an integral part of the learning and creative path of every designer. In addition, the cultural heritage of mankind is so rich that it is very difficult to come up with something completely innovative and unlike anything else. And if someone succeeds in this, there will certainly be those who want to learn something like this, or just try to repeat it.

It’s another matter of what purpose it’s all about. This may be a natural quest to test your powers and skills, to master new techniques for the implementation of your own ideas, or vice versa a desire to effortlessly take a well-trodden path of least resistance grabbing else’s fame and profit.


Plagiarism in Label Design

In fact, the difference is quite obvious. However, it happens that the copied design receives more dividends than the genuine one. It can be easily explained. It can be more professional, perfect, and hyped. At the same time, there is often unscrupulous and rude borrowing of other people’s ideas and developments.

Such a tactic is one of the marketing manipulators’ tools. There are lots of examples. The appearance of products has a powerful effect on consumer sentiment. Taking this factor into account, labels and packaging design is often done in colors resembling the corporate palette of popular brands.

Similar typography, compositional solutions, illustrations, and graphics are used. There is, of course, no exact match. But this is enough for the buyer to have clear associations with well-known brands and, accordingly, subconscious trust in such products.


Copyсat in Packaging Design


Understandably, not all design solutions are copyrighted. Yet no plagiarism goes unpunished. In any case, it is conspicuous which means it can hit your reputation and affect your financial well-being.

So, is there any point to copy other people’s ideas? Let them be the starting point for your own unique solutions. Discover, go higher up, and move forward!

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