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дизайн картонної упаковки

Do you know that according to marketing research annually about 30 thousand new products appear on the market? But the most interesting thing is that only 5% of them are in demand among consumers.

Often this is due to the fact that many people do not seek to compare the pros and cons of products, and pay attention only to the attractiveness of the package. And today we will talk about how to develop a cardboard packaging design that will help the product find its customer.

Rule 1. Packaging design must be simple and straightforward

A single glance at the packaging should be enough to understand what kind of product is inside and what it is for. The design of cardboard packaging with the image of products, die cutting, infographic elements significantly increases the chances of purchase.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of packaging design at the development stage using the focus group method. Observing the reaction of people, it is easy to assess how successful the idea is and what adjustments should be made.

Rule 2. Material of packaging matters

The choice of packaging material plays a large role in the commercial success of the product. Cardboard packaging has always been very popular, and today it has also become prestigious, becoming a synonym for environmental friendliness.

Often, goods in cardboard packaging look more solid and are sold at a higher cost than if they were packaged, for example, in plastic. On the other hand, cardboard is often used as simple packaging for inexpensive products.

design of the tea packing
Rule 3. Packaging should be practical.

When creating a packaging design, one should not forget about its purpose. Packaging should protect the goods during transportation and storage. The choice of the shape and dimensions of the package is determined not only by aesthetics, but also by economic feasibility.

When designing, it is desirable to optimize the consumption of material necessary for the production of packaging. It is also important to consider the possibility of compact and stable storage of both empty packaging and packaged goods.

It happens that the packaging is used much longer than the product itself. Remember how often convenient and beautiful cardboard boxes from sweets serve as caskets for storing various things.

Rule 4. Design – for people

Convenience and ergonomics are another rule of the modern design of cardboard packaging. The cardboard box should open without undue effort or the use of extraneous tools. If the packaging is not disposable, it should be ensured that it closes well.

Packaging design should not be overloaded with information. People perceive pictures more easily than text. Replace words with images, use symbols and pictograms, remove excess. Strive for maximum expression and clarity.

packing is from a cardboard

Rule 5. Quality is important in packaging design

When developing packaging design, do not forget about the quality implementation of your project. Modern technologies and equipment for the production of packaging significantly expand the possibilities of translating design ideas. Thanks to various printing effects, cardboard packaging will gain a unique appearance and aesthetics.

Perfect packaging design requires perfect execution. Therefore, it is very important to order the production of packaging from companies that will fulfill your order with the highest quality.