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Как назвать кондитерскую

Before you reach a high level of confectionary fame in the market you first have to come up with a great and memorable name. It’s a challenge for any baking company since a business name lets your customer know what solutions you provide or the core values your business holds. So, a sound, creative, and catchy name for your bakery business can kickstart your business and bring success to it!

The unique business name for your confectionery company, i.e. for home-based, cakes, sweets, and pastry shops, etc., can up your odds of success. Your customers will love and remember your bakery. So you confectioners will have to do a great job naming your company!

There are specific features and several basic patterns in the names of successful confectionery companies. Most often, the owners of bakeries or confectioneries use their proper name, either the name of the chef, and the founder of the company or, perhaps, a pet’s name.  Coming up with a company using its own name, the creator warrants the quality of its products and inspires confidence in customers.

However, a proper name for a confectionery business can also be fictitious. In this case, the emotional message expressed in the company name should be clear to your consumers.

Confectionery companies are often focused on creating names that appeal to the product’s values, for example, “Cupcakes-Roll-Ups” or “Capital Croissant”. In this case, the name should catch the customer’s attention on the undisputed hit of sales, or provide the widest possible range of the company’s assortment.

In addition to the above options, the words “confectionery”, “bakery”  “dessert”, etc., are often used in the naming of confectionery shops. Such a name allows the confectionery business to attract the target audience who likes cookies, sweets, and pastry products. Bakery and confectionary lovers will be certainly glad to see a familiar name among dozens of stores.

Another effective marketing technique to brand your business is the company’s naming by using its location, for example, “Czech Stop”, “Crumbs of Paris” or the well-known “Lvivska Maysternya Shokoladu”. The well-known location and a catchy name can stand out your business from your competition in the marketplace.

Using an ingredient name in a brand name has become commonplace and there is nothing wrong that your company name includes cool, delicious, and trendy ingredients. Just use common sense and make sure that your customer correctly interprets what you are saying about your company. For example, “Ice Confectionery” or “Sugar Pleasure” are very compelling to prospective buyers.

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