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Brand name is an essential element in the promotion of goods and services. Thanks to it, there is a persistent emotional connection with the buyer. Creating a brand name is a key process that allows you to show the individuality of a product and determine its positioning. One way to develop a brand name is to use the name or surname of the founder.

Creating a Brand Name

Naming, widespread in Western countries, has a long history. Time-tested, it is known to us by such global brands as Hewlett-Packard, Nestle, Lipton, Swarowski, Procter & Gamble, Maserati and others. Giving his name to the business, the manufacturer indicates that he is really responsible for the quality of the product with his own image. This step captures the stability and reliability of the brand in the minds of customers. The use of a proper name in the brand name significantly affects the memorization of the product and promotes the popularization of knowledge about it. Seeing the name of the founder on the packaging or label, the buyer understands the interest and involvement of the founder in the case.

Of course, before using a surname or first name, you should make sure that brand name has the following tasks:

– ease of pronunciation;

– memorability;

– nice associativity;

– harmony.

Here are a few examples of famous brands where the names have been slightly changed to improve their perception:

Levi’s is a popular denim brand, named after founder Livaya Strauss, and slightly tweaked to make it more harmonious.

brand name

Toyota got its name from the need that made Kiichiro Toyoda “improve the sound” of his last name for Europeans.

brand naming

The Adidas name is based on the diminutive name of the businessman and founder of the brand of sports goods Adolf Dassler — Adi.

brand name TCD

Professional brand name in Kiev

When choosing a brand name, you need to remember that your own name in the name implies an increase in responsibility, an entrepreneur’s readiness for publicity, and compulsory work on the image. The main task of any naming is to develop a name that promotes the active development and promotion of the brand. It should be a bright, outstanding brand name that will stand out from the crowd of competitors. Therefore, when creating a brand, you should carefully consider all the options, and if there is no exact confidence in the idea, it is better to turn to professionals for help.

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