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Wine label design plays an important role in product selection. The label itself performs an informative function and is also a tool to influence the subconscious of the buyer. The decision to buy depends on the impression a person gets from the appearance of the bottle. First of all, the buyer will not be interested in the taste of wine, but the design of the wine label: close to him in style, which causes pleasant emotions.

Wine label ideas and design

Every design element is very important and should be thought through from beginning to end. The information on the wine label creates an image of uniqueness and highlights the inherent features of the product. If the history of wine dates back decades, emphasis should be placed on the quality and reliability of the brand. For young companies it is better to use a moment of novelty, making the design modern and creative.

Label color selection

When choosing a palette for the design of a wine label should take into account the color of the wine bottle. To avoid oxidation, red wine is bottled in dark glass, white is suitable for transparent containers. The most common colors in the design are black, white and gray, but the trends change every year, and bright, contrasting labels on store shelves are increasingly attracting our attention.

Wine label fonts

Notched or handwritten fonts are often used for brands with a history. Young brands prefer fonts with clear lines and large indents to draw attention to the name. In any case, each selected font should match the style of the entire design and be well readable

Example of label design development for two types of Georgian wine TM DAKISHVILI: Amber White and Red Dry Wine

The target audience of this product was young people under 30 years old. After analyzing this market segment, several concepts were proposed, one of which was to focus on the rich history of Georgian winemaking and the traditions of the region. So there was an option with a map of the country, which was printed by embossing under gold.

 wine label design

The main idea was formed from the dream of the founder – to leave his mark in the history of winemaking, the affairs of his whole life. The main element of the design was the owner’s fingerprint, made using screen printing. Also on each bottle there is a place for the personal signature of the owner and the serial number in the party, typical of collectible wines.

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