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Design of a Series of Banner Ads for Chude Ciacho Based on Subject Studio Photography


Chude Ciacho

About Customer:

This is a coffeehouse chain with its own desserts production, based on authentic, original recipes and supplemented with specially selected ingredients, and designed for the sports and fitness-minded people, vegetarians, and those who simply keep fit.






Advertising campaign, banners for social networks

Customer Request

The customer requested in a simple and easy-going way to convey to the public who care about the health and use natural products that sweet is not always harmful food, and there are many options to get the gastronomic pleasure of eating sweet foods. The customer asked to design bright, creative banners based on product photos that fully correspond to the lifestyle and tone of communication of its target audience.


Our objective includes:

  • To interest a potential buyer as well as to convey information about a new product and new recipes for regular clients.
  • To boost sales by introducing a social media advertising campaign targeting a young audience.
  • To establish a kind of interactive dialogue that raises the demand for the product by using bright expressive colors and simple visual elements.
  • To link inextricably the banner ads style with the corporate identity.
  • To convey information about the company’s new product in a simple and laconic way.


An in-depth analysis of advertising campaigns existing on the market in this region and industry has been carried out in order to accomplish this task.

By selecting all the necessary elements and taking a photoshoot, we ran a creative ad campaign, which reflects the atmosphere and friendliness of this institution while successful and juicy photos of desserts fully convey their healthiness and tastiness. As a result, clients faster and much more frequently order cakes and pastries. Regular customers visit the coffeehouses of the chain with great interest and loyalty.

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