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Wine Label Design for the Gevelli Trademark

«Moderate wine drinking at the right time is beneficial to a man and grows him spiritually while drinking immoderate amounts of wine at the wrong time has harmful effects on a man’s health and can lead to his spiritual decline.» (Rabbi Reuven Kuklin, from Imrey Noam site).

The wisdom of drinking brings joy. The contemplation of beauty causes interest. The good choice gives you an edge. Wine brings bright colors to routine life. And the wine label says a lot. Designed by the best for the best, it reveals the meaning, power, and ease of discovering new wine.


Gevelli LLC

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Designing a series of wine labels for Georgian wine destined for export to Israel.

Customer request

Within the framework of the continuing fruitful partnership with one of the best Georgian wine producers, we got a commission to design labels for Lionidzis Zvari wines, destined for export to the Israeli market. The design should highlight the brand benefits, match the high quality of the wine and promote its commercial popularity in Israel.

Design Trends

Israel has a special attitude towards wine. It is part of cultural and religious traditions.

Wine labeling requirements in Israel are in line with European legislation. Accordingly, the bottle label must be marked with a brand and wine name, wine type, the nominal bottle volume, alcohol content, and include a list of ingredients and additives for wine. Placing the inscription in Hebrew that this is a kosher product is mandatory.

The counter-label may contain a variety of information such as the family legend of the winemaker, the wine story and origin, a description of the locality or the vintage, etc.

In general, the wine label should be designed in a line with current global trends as well as reflect the philosophy of the manufacturer and the wine positioning.


The hoopoe is a national symbol of Israel, the country in which wine is exported. That is why the image of this bird is chosen as a thematic character reflecting the idea of ​​the project. The image of the hoopoe is organically fitted into the design of the label attracting customers’ attention and interest.


We have designed a laconic and an amazing, stylish, and expressive label at the same time. It carries a certain meaning and is made for those who perceive a subtle manner of really exclusive wines. The label design contains no extra element. The balanced composition and thoughtful content of the visual range evoke admiration and respect.

A dark label on a dark wine bottle is an elegant combination of balance and an original style. Due to the unique design, based on the harmonious contrast of images, colors, and textures, the label looks very classy, conspicuous, and attracts customers’ attention.

The wine label Gevelli Trademark won the All-Ukrainian competition “Ukrainian Label – 2022”!

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