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Label and Leaflet Design for TM GreenCultura

The turkey looked gazing intently, slightly tilting his head sideways. He clearly had no intention of leaving and looked rather cocky. Perhaps it seemed that way because of the cap and the banana belt bag over the shoulder. What a surprise, it was a turkey with a cap and a bag!
Stepan turned on the other side and kept sleeping. Now he was dreaming about a sandwich, a crusty and delicious bun with green lettuce, juicy sauce, and tasty meat. It beckoned and mesmerized him. But as soon as Stepan put his hand out to the sandwich, the alarm clock went off.
Stepan woke up, went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and breathed a sigh of relief. Cooked by the Sous Vide method, a package of nice tender meat fillet with a daring turkey on the label was laying on the shelf in one piece.
Stepan put on a pot of coffee, thinly sliced the meat, made a sandwich, and took a huge bite of it with pleasure. The day started out right and fine. How else could it be, when breakfast was so delicious!



About Customer:

LLC GRINKULTURA in partnership with Roman Zhadan, a professional chef, has launched the production of food products by a Sous Vide cooking method.






Labels, Meat and Sausage Label, Food Labels, Catalogs & Flyers


Label design for products such as chicken and turkey fillets cooked by the Sous Vide method as well as the design of an advertising and information leaflet.

Customer Request

Sous Vide means a special technology for cooking food in a vacuum package at a temperature typically around 60°C for a precisely defined time. As a result of such cooking, the products get a pleasant taste and retain their best qualities and structure, which cannot be achieved by using conventional cooking methods.
Sous Vide products have become a global trend of a healthy diet. However, for the general consumer in Ukraine, they still remain a novelty. Many people do not even know about this cooking method. There are a few competitors in this industry in our country. Most of them are offshoots of large manufacturers who can easily afford expensive packaging for their products.
We got a label design order that would contribute to the successful promotion of new products. Our task was to design a readable, visually non-overloaded label for vacuum packaging.
The design should contain memorable images, evoke a persistent association with a healthy lifestyle, and proper diet as well as accept the possibility of label modification in case of the expansion of the product range.

Design Trends

The label design for meat products can be made in a variety of styles depending on the manufacturer’s positioning of the products. Photos of delicious dishes, eye-catching characters, or images that reveal the peculiarities of the recipe or the use of the product are usually used in design as background material.
Nowadays it is not enough for a label to be designed as a laconic sticker with colorful images. It should look up-to-date and modern. Contrasting images and color combinations, as for example, the simultaneous use of red and black colors, are in trend. Craft motifs are also popular and in high demand in label design.


Searching for creative ideas, the TCD team decided to design the label in the most consumer-friendly manner. We made a decision to use the travel theme since the company planned to produce a line of chicken and turkey fillet cooked by the Sous Vide technology in various recipes in the near future.
For that reason, we drew two cartoon characters – a turkey and a cockerel, funny and always ready for adventure travelers. This interpretation of the images was highlighted by the appropriate accessories – a cap and a fashionable banana belt bag.
The chosen concept builds brand awareness, unites the labels into a single series, and provides an easy way to further adapt the design to different types of products by modifying the text and stylizing the characters.


We have designed stylish and up-to-date labels, depicted with eye-catching cartoon characters, for chicken fillets and turkey fillets cooked by the Sous-Vide method. The label design fully meets the customer’s expectations and requests.
The design is offered in a playful style. Overall it makes a wonderful impression on the consumer, and causes the interest of customers to the packaging, specifying the product’s genuineness, freshness, and novelty, and proving the benefits of a tasty and healthy product.
The composition includes a trademark logo and certification marks confirming the safety and quality of products. The label also contains a QR code, which can be scanned to get more additional information.
We also have designed an advertising and information leaflet, a 6-fold booklet about the TM GRINKULTURA products cooked by the Sous Vide technique at the customer request. The leaflet design, the text, slogans, and the way of presenting information are completely our design too.

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