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The best – for heroic defenders of Ukraine: labels on stew for the military

The war goes on. And in the realities of war, each of us does everything possible to bring victory closer.

TCD design studio has developed labels for the stew, which volunteers make on their own and send to our defenders. Our specialists put a piece of their soul into the work on the design. The design of the labels is created at a high professional level, because we are sure that everything should be the best for our fighters. And a jar of tasty nutritious stew should have good quality labels.

We are infinitely grateful to ordinary Ukrainian men, heroic military men, who are on the front lines and under explosive fire and sniper bullets give a furious fight back to the hated enemy. And I would like them to feel comfortable when they open a can of delicious stew in a moment of rest. That they are being taken care of every moment with respect and love. Let our design give them inspiration and make better their mood.

The label background is pixel, with the addition of an imitation of the kraft paper surface in the complex gives the understanding that this is a stew for the military, homemade, made by volunteers from the heart. This effect is reinforced by the inscriptions “With love to the Armed Forces”, “Volunteers, from the bottom of my heart”, as if written by Nina Surinam herself, a volunteer who prepares this delicious stew. On the labels in red circles are emblems with the text “99% to the target accuracy”. While working on the design, an idea appeared – to add sayings that became signs of war on various types of labels, such as:

“Russian warship! Well, have you already arrived?”

“Put sunflower seeds in your pocket so they grow”

“Ukraine is there, where we are”

“Good evening! We are from Ukraine”

“And we’ll take that red kalyna and we will raise it up,

And we, our glorious Ukraine, shall, hey – hey, cheer up – and rejoice”

“He makes ghosts out of Russian bandits,


“Love our Ukraine in your dreams and awake

Love her as a cherry in blossom

Her beauty eternal, her language that rings

Like a nightingale’s song in the orchard”

“The war will end. And here in Moscow, somewhere on the highest surviving wall, I will write – I am satisfied with the ruins of the Kremlin”

“Stephanie mom! Mom Stephanie!! 🎵🎵🎵

“Remember, God always protects all those who protect Ukraine! Remember, God protects those who protect the Motherland!”

Not all of these phrases that our creative team worked on appeared onto the label, but this concept added meaningfulness and soulfulness to the design.

It is interesting that we got acquainted with our customers through social networks. They are ambitious, hardworking and purposeful people, true patriots who have been actively volunteering since 2014. They supply the necessary things for the defenders of Ukraine, and also make a good stew. We offered them to make a new design of labels, because stickers were stuck on the cans, which needed a radical change. The result of our cooperation was not only cool labels, but also warm friendly relations.

We are pleased that the batches of stew with our labels have already arrived at their destination. Thank you for the photo and words of thanks from our customers, and with inspiration we are ready to continue our business and help everyone who needs it.

With the outbreak of hostilities, Ukrainians make every effort to provide the defenders with everything they need and support their fighting spirit. When sending canned goods and cans of stew to the battlefield, volunteers try to decorate them with stickers so that such a treat not only tastes good, but also looks nice.

Often manufacturers would like to have good patriotic labels, but don’t know who can help them to realize that. After all, many entrepreneurs lost their connections during the war, some were forced to put their business on hold, some of their partners are not working. They come a question about who will make a new up-to-date design or how to change thedesign in a proper manner.

This is a very common problem that has s very simple solution!

We are happy to help with the production of labels. We develop a patriotic label design from scratch. Or, if thecustomer had its own ideas or sketches, we will professionally adapt them to the requirements of the printing industry.

Moreover, after ordering a design, our clients can immediately receive the services of printing self-adhesive labels at the printing production of our partners, the Green Trade company. As a result, customers quickly and guaranteed receive real combat labels that are practical, durable and good-looking,made on professional equipment using high-quality materials.


Nina Surinam

Client info:

Volunteer organization, provides full support to the defenders of Ukraine since 2014






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