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Конверсия сайтов, увеличение заработка с сайта

How can you increase sales from your website? Lots of webmasters and marketers puzzle over this question however it still remains a significant issue. After all, competitors are on their guard so you have to optimize your website time and again.

In this article, you’ll find out the main criteria for a successful web project on how to increase your website’s sales.

The term “conversion” is used to measure the quality parameters of the website performing its main tasks. At its core, website conversion is the ratio of visitors who have performed the desired action on the website to the total number of users of your website. Conversion is considered an action that brought a certain benefit to the website owner. The purchases of goods, registration, completing the forms, or subscribing to the mailing list are actually conversion cases.

All ways to increase the conversion rate of the website can be combined into several main thematic groups.

A clear focus of each page on a particular call to action is a primary task. Multiple goals on the same page tend to confuse the visitor.

User-friendliness with the website or usability is an important factor in ranking the website in search results as well as the response to a question – “Will the site visitors get back?” Such components as website load time, high-quality and simultaneously easy images, responsive design convenient for viewing on any mobile devices and PCs, virtual assistant as well as feedback, and subscription forms are included the indicator. The website should be downloaded quickly (0.4-1 seconds per page), with an easy-to-use structure convenient for navigation.

Creating quality content is a surefire way to increase conversions. Fill the website with quality texts balanced by style and graphic material. Avoid errors in texts, do not abuse keywords. The search engine is smart and the maximum number of keywords you use can be banned.

Responsive website design is just as important as content because more than 20% of purchases are made by using mobile devices nowadays.

ВIt is difficult to overstate the importance of feedback form on the website. It provides valuable information on the usability of your website directly from the target audience. This service is free of charge. Therefore, it is particularly important to make such forms as convenient as possible minimizing the number of fields in them, removing the required fields, and developing some tips for filling out.

Well, no one seems to be much impressed by virtual assistants on websites today but, as they say, this online consultant “must be”. Often visitors come to the website and are confused as to how to buy a product, or they face any malfunction in the search or order. The virtual assistant mission is to support a visitor and to cope with his problems configuring the user to communicate and to make purchases.

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