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, Taxi design – something to keep in mind?

Recognition is the key to successful taxi design. Suffice it to mention such popular taxi services as New York or London. Such taxies are hard to confuse with anything else. However, not all taxi services use such rich branding.

For example, if you visit Berlin, you will be very surprised to see on the streets of the city quite conservative cars, which differs from the non taxi cars with only the traditional yellow checker on the roof. However, experts in the field of commercial design recommend branding your vehicle and make it as recognizable as possible. How can this be done?

The first thing to pay attention to is usually the space of the car itself. It is quite a lot, so it can be occupied by national flags or other recognizable attributes. And you can choose a certain brand of car for your taxi service, which will also visually distinguish your service from the competition.

In addition to car design, designers will have to work hard to create an attractive application for the taxi service. After all, modern successful companies have their own mobile application that provides a favorable positioning in a competitive environment.

The specialists of TSD studio will create a unique corporate style for your company, which guarantees high sales of your services.