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Особенности дизайна продукции для женщин

The product design for women in most cases is quite common and ordinary. Companies often abuse small ruches, flowers, and pastel colors to attract the female target audience. Such a design is reckless and ultimately a failure since women are really annoyed with this design approach and it has been increasingly provoking a negative reaction in recent years.

The stereotypes in female design have long been outdated. Take an example of sweets: these goodies are fond of both women and men. However, ascribed traits of a sweet tooth to women are still persistently imposed in advertising and only distort the real picture creating unnecessary analogies. Besides, such archetypes push the target audience away from the product.

As for the acceptable option, the bright colors in product design specs for women are appropriate indeed. Women have an imaginary mind, so the color is of paramount importance for them. At the same time, a visual image should not be overloaded with details. Women have a world of other preoccupations in everyday life, so they simply ignore advertising with a million bizarre details.

Creating product design for women, take into account fonts for texts: it is appropriate to use rounded, and light fonts.

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