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Дизайн упаковки, заказать дизайн упаковки в ТСД

What should be the packaging design for it to sell your products? The TCD Studio Design experts ( have reviewed in depth the marketing and now reveal the key trends in packaging design.

All the main types of packaging can be divided into three types, in general.

The first type includes the packages presented on store shelves, for example, a jar of yogurt, a bottle of wine and other displayed packages.

The second type is a container for transporting products, for example, crates or boxes for transporting beer bottles.

And finally, the third type of packaging is trucks, trains or containers for transporting the second type of packaging.

Each of the types has its own features in terms of design.

The target audience of the product is the first thing to consider when packaging design. For example, primary packaging for men differs significantly from packaging for women. Moreover, the packaging of the second and third types can be similar. Modern manufacturers often use unisex design as versatile one. In addition to gender, a designer must also take into account such important factors as education and income, age, geographic and cultural features.

Packaging design, main trends

Color in Packaging Design

In design, color is a powerful tool that can boost demand and favorably position a product. For example, green elements in the design of containers signal the potential customer about the eco-friendliness of the product while blue and white elements are considered symbols of cleanliness, and therefore they often use in the packaging of detergents.


The design includes not only images but also fonts and typeface. This point should also be given special attention. Exclusive fonts provide brand awareness on the marketplace. At the same time, symbols and fonts should not be complicated since such a symbol decoding most likely causes a negative consumer reaction.

Contrast in Design

Of course, this rule does not work for all products but for most categories it is as good as possible. Bold contrasting elements on the packaging allow you to highlight the most important parts of your packaging and at the same time to make it more visible among the similar competitors packaging.

The patterns are often used in the packaging design to make the container unique and original. However, when choosing patterns, be very careful taking into account the regional features of the target audience and the meaning of symbols.

Creative designers of the TCD Studio Design will create a practical, unique, and bright packaging design for your products that boost your sales. Feel free to order packaging design by phone +38 (044) 331-90-30.