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Start your successful day with a cup of coffee! Have fun, cheer up, and go ahead with great things!

Coffee in Ukraine has almost become a national product and a well-established business. Ukrainians drink coffee at home and in offices, in cafes and at gas stations, buy this beverage at coffee stands and drink it right on the street. The annual coffee consumption is about 3 kg of ground coffee per average Ukrainian.


coffee packaging design

Coffee market in Ukraine: trends in 2021

Ukraine doesn’t produce coffee raw materials at all. Coffee is an imported product. However, it is not a problem for Ukrainian businesses to enter the market with their own coffee brands, offering consumers interesting recipes and blends. 

What’s interesting is that green coffee is equated to fruit and has a zero duty on imports into Ukraine in accordance with the procedure established by the Customs Code. Moreover, each new batch of green coffee imported from abroad must undergo phytosanitary control. Roasted coffee gets under the control of food products and is subject to a 5% duty. A certificate of origin is required for any coffee, while indicative prices are guided by the coffee exchange.


coffee packaging design

The Ukrainian coffee market is growing and developing, overcoming all crises with determination. It changes formats, players, shifts accents, and finds new solutions. The domestic coffee business is active and dynamic. It is essential to respond quickly to challenges, to adapt to changing conditions as well as furthermore to set their own trends.

The Ukrainian coffee market 2021

Coffee packaging design trends

Coffee is not just a regular drink. It is a mood, aesthetics, and vibe. It is an energy, communication, and taste assistant. The same coffee is perceived differently by people, whether it is offered in a paper bag, or in a can, in a plastic utensil, or in a beautiful cup.

Well, readers, let’s preview the world’s leading trends in coffee packaging design.

Warm shades of brown, red, and beige dominate the coffee packaging design. Sometimes we can also observe combinations of white and black there. Gold, silver, platinum, and bronze can be used as a visual marker to help identify the product category at a first glance.


coffee packaging design 2021

The coffee cups are a special topic of discussion. Their design is varied and often so interesting and unique that sometimes a consumer just keeps the cup as a souvenir. Lots of coffee shops order a custom design for coffee cups by placing a logo or ads image on the cup.

дизайн стаканчиков для кофе

Recently, the craft stylistic has become a design trend, which implies the following features of packaging:

  • A stressed eco-friendliness and organic;
  • A soft form of packaging;
  • A matte and pleasant-to-touch rough surfaces;
  • Unbleached paper colors;
  • Imitation of crumpled textures;
  • Floral and authentic design motifs.


coffee packaging design

Since coffee packaging should preserve the consumer qualities and aroma of the product as best and long as possible, paper packaging is used for the portioned sale of coffee in specialized stores or coffee shops offering takeaway products.

However, the craft effect can be created on any packaging using design and printing technology.

Order a custom design for a coffee business

In order to boost consumer interest, it is enough to update an entourage, present a new, attractive design of a package as well as a coffee cup, or make a coffee shop interior stylish and classy.

However, it is important to follow the last trends and design packages properly, efficiently, and professionally to get the result you want.


branding and design for business

The TCD Design Studio can help you with this issue as our specialty is branding and design for business.

We provide our customers with the following services:

  • A full package of services for a coffee shop, cafe, or restaurant branding; 
  • Logo design and corporate identity development for the coffee business;
  • Menu and coffee card design, advertising and information banners design;
  • Coffee packaging design;
  • Branded takeaway bags design; 
  • Branded cups design or sticker design for cups.

For more details, contact our team right now. Our professional design is sure to attract more customers to your product, boost sales, and bring added value to your brand.