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Український дизайн як виклик війні

Why do you need design when the war is ongoing in the country?

Now might not be a good time to talk about the design of labels and packaging, or about Ukrainian design trends in 2022 in general. Why did we decide to raise this topic?

It’s because we see with our own eyes how the appearance of shelves with goods in stores is changing.

Український дизайн як виклик війні

Modern sausage label design. Design development – TCD company

Modern Ukrainian label design

Whether we like it or not, the market operates on its own rules. Such is the reality of our time. Maybe someone doesn’t care what label is stuck on the sausage, only buy it inexpensively. But among Ukrainians, even the name “Moscovska” and other names of goods associated with the aggressor country cause a sharply negative reaction. Moreover, this applies to both buyers and producers. Changing the outdated design, redesigning is an urgent necessity. This is the producer’s respect for consumers, for own products, for himself.



Український дизайн як виклик війні

Ukrainian beer label design. Reference

Label and packaging design – for business and consumers

There is no victory without a reliable back. Business must function, because it provides Ukrainians with food and non-food products, provides jobs, pays salaries and supports employees, pays taxes to the state and contributes to the army. The new label is help for business, people and the country. It is work of people for people.

Український дизайн як виклик війні

AzovStal beer. Reference

Patriotic design is the need of time

Even in extremely difficult times, there is a place for aesthetics and positive emotions. A person cannot live in constant stress, he needs relief. And a small artistic detail on the label can raise the mood and fighting spirit. The patriotic label not only looks bright thanks to the wonderful combination of national colors, but it inspires trust on a subconscious level. An apt inscription, kind words, and an interesting image not only decorate the label design, but express the concern to care, the will to live.

Український дизайн як виклик війні

New oil packaging design. Reference: Internet

It is a historical fact that turbulent times give birth to masterpieces of art. Finding themselves in extreme conditions, people reveal their creative potential with extraordinary power.

A nation that creates design in the face of war is invincible.

Український дизайн як виклик війні

Patriotic tea packaging design. Reference: Internet

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