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How to create a good logo design for a company? Many marketers and designers are pondering this question. Today we will share with you the secrets of creating effective logos that are successfully used in their activities by progressive companies.

Minimalism remains an important requirement for the logo. The simpler and more concise your logo, the more chances it has to become memorable. For example, Instagram used a simple black and white image of the well-known Polaroid camera. Now the company’s icon has undergone some changes, but still remains in a minimalist style.

Logos with a gradient fill are gradually becoming obsolete, giving way to monochrome options. It is possible that after a while they will return to work, but so far the gradient in the logo is not in trend.

Black and white logos, on the other hand, are not going to leave the designer “Olympus”. And it looks like they will always be in the price..

Lettering logos are fully in line with the concept of minimalism. One of the most striking examples of this style is the Google logo.



Hand-drawn Logos  do not lose their relevance. The unusualness of the font always “catches” potential buyers and draws attention to the product or service being sold.

The specialists of the TSD studio will develop an attractive logo for your company or product.

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