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New year – new trends. Branding, packaging production and label design – what changes are expected in this industry? What design ideas should you consider to use to help your business grow?

Branding, label design and packaging creation: a time for a change

The world, technology and consciousness of people are changing. Already in the graphic design and advertising is a time of dramatic change. There are unusual, interesting and effective branding solutions. Trends are formed that determine the vector of market development.

In our eyes is a grand change of concepts. The branding is replaced by anti-branding, the packaging is replaced by the anti-packaging. It gets smaller. The big turns into the small. Paradoxically, these complex concepts in real life are quite simple.

label design

Branding and minimalism in design

Anti-branding: what is it?

Consumers love brands and at the same time do not want to see their presence. They are willing to pay a higher price to get exactly what they need. Trademarks strive to expand their sphere of influence and become a natural choice for the buyer.

In modern conditions the brand is obliged to be recognizable, but not to catch the eye. It must be like air – imperceptible but vital. Identity becomes concise and minimalistic. Single phrase, icon, color are used in different contexts, on different information channels.

 anti packing

Laconic design is now trending

A large number of advertising venues, ranging from items around us and ending with social networks, open up great opportunities for brand promotion. At the same time, it changes the way information is presented so that consumer blindness does not develop.

For example, the manufacturer of protein products Soylent positions its products as the food of the future. Accordingly, the identity of this brand was developed with a distant sight. It has a deep meaning in its simplicity. See how clearly your brand philosophy is: maximum nutrition with minimal effort.


Food packaging

Anti-packaging: necessity or fashion

Just a few years ago, packaging manufacturers were competing in who would beat anyone in steepness and heft. Buyers were presented with a bunch of paper, cardboard, plastic, foam, bubble wrap plus a bow on top.

Now such waste of resources in the production of packaging is unacceptable. Consumer attitude to the product is replaced by conscious consumption. The amount of packaging material is minimized. The packaging becomes more sophisticated. Unique design and high-tech materials bring modern packaging to the pedestal of excellence.

The same applies to label printing. The label either becomes part of the product or loudly declares itself, causing admiration for its courage. These can be transparent self-adhesive or cut-out labels that allow you to look at the product and make it closer to the buyer. Also, labels with self-contained design, which takes on the function of visual characteristics and generates the desired perception of the goods by the buyer, look spectacular.

An example of an innovative approach to packaging is the development of the Tomorrow Machine design studio. In her projects, she blurs the line between product and packaging, using recyclables or edible materials or creating convenient and useful multifunctional packaging.

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Recycled packaging design

TSD branding agency

Keep up with trends, stay up-to-date on innovations. Perhaps you will learn something useful for promoting your business. The expansion of knowledge and technology, the rapid pace of modern life requires a broad outlook, the ability to show flexibility and assertiveness at the right moments.

The TSD Branding Agency will help you successfully bypass the competition pitfalls and stay on the wave of success in a rapidly changing world. Company experts will help you build and promote your brand. We guarantee effective branding, highly professional corporate identity design, quality label and packaging design.