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дизайн логотипа, How to Evaluate a Logo: Three Keys to Success

The logo is the most striking, recognizable, and distinctive icon of a brand. Nevertheless, people’s views differ on the new logo design in looking at it. Is it possible to immediately evaluate how successful a logo is? How to objectively evaluate logo design?

New Logo: Take for Granted

As a rule, the new brand identity does not evoke divisive as the familiar corporate identity update. On the one hand, the redesign evaluation is affected by the habit. On the other hand, lots of critics become experts on this issue. Therefore, it is recommended to take into account some important rules (let’s call them ‘keys’) in order to get the right idea on the new logo.

Key 1: Understanding the Message behind a Logo

Do not rush to evaluate a logo on a «like /dislike» basis. First impression of design is always deceptive. Look closely at the logo, try to understand its concept, and evaluate its aesthetic appearance. Logo design isn’t just drawing or image. It is an end-to-end, perspective-driven brand visualization process.

Take as an example the new Instagram logo. Initially, it caused misunderstandings among many users. It seemed a flat one and a lack of expression. However, such a laconic design effectively fit into the concept of a rapidly growing application. Now, it’s quite a recognizable and representative logo doing Instagram’s primary job to come forward attracting users and focusing on their content.

logo design

Key 2: All in Good Time

Agree, a person is fickle in his/her judgment and thoughts. At first, he/she likes something, then it gets boring and starts to annoy at least. Conversely, initial negative judgments turn out to be fundamentally wrong, and eventually, a person is awed by an observed thing. All in good time, as they say.

For example, the Airbnb logo, an American vacation rental online marketplace company, has caused numerous jokes on the Internet. Despite this, the company decided to keep the logo design regarding that it fully conveys the brand’s philosophy. It’s easy-to-remember and easy-to-draw which definitely brings the company and audience together. Over time, this simple logo has been truly loved all over the world.

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Therefore, take a short break and observe how effective the logo design is in a brand promoting on the marketplace in order to understand how good it is.

Key 3: Make the Logo Design Adaptive!

One of the major features of a logo is its adaptation and viability in changing market conditions. It is no secret that many companies go for rebranding in an effort to maintain and reinforce their positions in a competitive market landscape. However, a too frequent or radical change of identity can play tricks on a brand. Keep in mind, the logo itself is designed for widespread use. Therefore, it makes sense to evaluate a logo design in terms of its adaptation to situations, customer needs, and formats of use and application.

A prime example is a design of the Smarter Planet Logo, a corporate project of the information technology company IBM. The little ‘think rays’ popping out of the planet top always remain unchanged while the planet image can be changed as needed.

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