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What is graphic design? It is a balance of creativity, professional knowledge, practical skills, hard work and high technology.

But today we will talk about another balance – visual, which is one of the basic principles of graphic design. It is thanks to him that the corporate identity becomes perfect, and the packaging or self-adhesive labels acquire a harmonious look.

What is balance in design

Balance is the arrangement of image elements in which they visually balance each other. If the composition is balanced, the image does not cause visual discomfort.

Visual balance and marketing 

There is such a thing as visual mass. This is the degree of audience interest that a certain part of the image evokes. A balanced design of a package, label or advertising poster is perceived positively, and most importantly – it is able to hold people’s attention.

If the visual balance is disturbed, the consumer may not notice some details, as his gaze is likely to be chained to an area with greater visual mass.

Therefore, in order for people to see the big picture and perceive all the information you want to convey to them, the design must be balanced.

wine label design

Design Secrets: What Affects Visual Mass? 

In the real world, a small iron ball can be much heavier than a soccer ball. And in design, a small color element is able to attract more attention than large and indistinct. The visual mass of the object in the design depends on the size, color, shape, orientation of the figure in space.

For example, warm colors are heavier than cold, dark tones “weigh” more than light ones. Horizontal objects look heavier than vertical ones. Sharp contours give more visual weight. Negative space “weighs” less than positive forms.

If an adult and a child sit on a swing-board, the adult will prevail. But if he moves closer to the support, the swing is balanced. Balance in graphic design also depends on the location of the elements. For example, objects placed closer to the center have a large visual mass. Due to the location you can balance the elements with different characteristics. One large object can be balanced by several smaller ones.

How to create a balanced design 

Consider the basic techniques for achieving compositional balance.

Symmetrical balance in graphic design 

Symmetrical balance in the design can be achieved by mirroring the elements relative to the vertical or horizontal axis, as well as radial symmetry.

Another option is translational symmetry, in which there is periodic duplication of the image. In this way you can give the image a rhythm, make it more dynamic.

Symmetrical balance is a restrained, flawless and, one might say, win-win way to create a harmonious design. However, sometimes it may seem too ordinary or not interesting enough. Then asymmetry comes to the aid of a creative design idea.

 self-adhesive bottle labels

How to achieve balance through asymmetry 

The asymmetrical image looks natural and alive. Asymmetry causes a more active reaction, it attracts the eye and gives more freedom of expression. However, the difficulty is that asymmetrical design is harder to make balanced. In this case, you can visually balance the whole composition.

Symmetrical balance of asymmetrical objects, thoughtful visual accents in a symmetrical image, a combination of symmetry and asymmetry allow you to get stunning results.

TSD design studio 

What is the secret of successful design? There is no prescription. And we are ready to share our knowledge and experience of effective work. Do not be afraid to experiment and use every opportunity to create an effective design.

TSD design studio is a creative and professional team of specialists of the highest level, able to implement the idea of ​​any complexity. Our design helps businesses grow, and this is confirmed by more than 100 successful projects implemented in Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Poland and the United States.

TSD Company – design creation:

  • Development of corporate style;
  • Design of labels and packaging;
  • Rebranding.

More information about the company

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