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утвердить дизайн

Design creation is a complex process one of the key stages is the approval of the concept. In order to specify the ultimate goals and work item, the design studio represents a concept design, i.e. the project visualization which gives a general but rather comprehensive view of ​​the final result.

So, the ambitious task is behind: a grand idea has been invented by the design studio as well as its creative embodiment has been proposed. It just seemed perfect, you see. It’s just a matter of time – to represent a concept design so that the customer could really get your idea, take on board your considerations, and figured out that this is really what he needs.

Well, here are some tips on how to make a successful presentation and, as a result, to get the approved concept design.

создание дизайна

Presenting a Concept Design: Strategic Part 

Describe your design idea providing reasoned arguments why you’ve chosen it. Show some referents, samples of similar products inspired you, for example, corporate identity samples, trend labels, or packaging.

Presenting the design concept, rely on the nature and mission of the product, the scope, and ideology of the customer, and explain how your design reflects them. Describe your target group. Focus on the effect of the design’s impacting the customer, its motivation, and the emotional challenge.

Concept Design: Project Visualization 

Showing visual design elements, check out such aspects as color, images, typography, composition, shape features, the possibility of animation or interactive elements’ use.

Justify the choice of the primary and accompanying colors in the design, and the accent color set. Specify the details and their meaning such as the levels of intensity of the shadows, the type of gradients, or the nature of the background. Illustrate everything by providing visual examples. Presenting the design color solution, explain its future impact on the consumer.

Demonstrate the fonts, their combination, size, and adaptation options. Mind the examples of using the selected typography. Images, symbols, and icons should be harmony matched to the overall design concept. Argue for the choice of the shapes of elements, and their compositional arrangement.

разработка фирменного стиля

Design Creation: Logistics 

The final result is linked to materiality. This demo part depends on the product design you work on. If this is a corporate identity project, the implementation of the design on various media as gadgets, billboards, different items should be envisaged. The design of labels and stickers can get new lives through the use of various materials for printing and after printing. Expose samples of materials and finished work, and explain the pros of your offer.

The secret to a successful presenting of concept design 

Your presenting of the concept design should be vivid, interesting, convincing, and preferably. It’s better not to be tired but to be motivated. Therefore, focus on the essence highlighting pressing matters. Speak accessible language but don’t simplify. Don’t be afraid to use special terms, and to get ready explaining their meaning to the customer if necessary.

Regardless of the method of presenting, the suggested concept design must be understandable to and accessible by the customer, inspire his trust, and prove your professionalism. In addition, your vision of design should match with customer’s wishes and his possibilities. To succeed, there must be full understanding.

The customer should get an abundantly clear visual picture and be reassured by the right way he chooses after the presenting of the concept design.

дизайн студия

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